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    Officially a Joke

    One of the few times I get to see the Rams play on T.V, and they stink it up so much, I want to turn the T.V off. But, now, this season is a joke. Let's get ready for the off-season, where we can start rebuilding. We need to trade for more draft picks this year, trade some of our 2010 draft picks, trade some of our veterans. Get rid of all the players that pollute this team. (Bennett, Holt, Hill, Leckey, etc.)

    I'm actually sad today that I am a Rams fan. But, I won't stop being a Rams fan. Let's all hope for a great 2009 season guys, because this season is hopeless.

    1. Let's actually sign productive, and useful people in the off-season.

    What's the deal with : Bell, Caldwell, Bennett, and other USELESS players?! We are wasting money on useless players in the off-season. Let's actually get some talent on this roster. No more "Let's sign him because he shows good character". I officially do NOT CARE if you have good character. If you cannott produce and execute on the football field, I can care less that you can win the Nobel Peace Prize with your high character.

    2. Draft players that can get the job done, and let's draft players that we will actually activate.

    I mean, seriously?! We wasted a third round draft pick on Greco, who I thought was a great pick, and we do not even use him! Instead, we let Barron and Cogs block. No more wasted draft picks. Look at Hill. Wasted. All I can say. And let's not even mention the countless picks we wasted in previous drafts. Almost all of those players are not even on this team anymore.

    3. Samkon Gado should stick with his medical job.

    4. Pittman has no burst.

    5. Let's get a kick and punt returner that is actually elusive.

    6. Get rid of all our back up running backs. We need to get a speedy rookie RB in here ASAP next season.

    7. Get a shutdown corner and an improvement in the safety position. Chavous is old enough to get the senior discount at IHOP.

    8. We need to get a physical fullback in here.

    9. Improvement in the DT position. We need a big guy that WILL bring down the ball carrier and plug the gaps and holes.

    10. I feel sorry for Witherspoon. He is getting crushed in the MLB position. We need a big bruising guy in the MLB position, so Witherspoon can move to strong side.

    11. 2008 season = Joke.

    12. Leckey gives our quarterback like .5 seconds to throw.

    13. We need to actually get sacks. Bring some EFFECTIVE blitzes. Everytime we blitz, I notice the QB gets even more time in the pocket, which is ridiculous.

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    Re: Officially a Joke

    If we were a joke, we could laugh at ourselves...

    Personally I am on the verge ot tears. Not really, but metaphorically.

    GO RAMS!!

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    Re: Officially a Joke

    We had two chances to get the best ever linebacker to play for the best linebacking school in the nation and we didn't take them. I don't know why we passed on Dan Connor in the 3rd, he was a steal. We drafted Greco who hasn't played at all. If we had drafted Connor, we could have moved Spoon back to his natural position. Granted, Connor is out for the year, but who's to say that that would have happened had he come here.

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    Re: Officially a Joke

    Don't forget someone needs to teach our corners how to catch the ball. Two weeks in a row possible game changing picks have been dropped. This week Brown dropped a sure int and Craft dropped what may have been a pick six but instead we gave up td's.
    Aim high Willis, Aim High!

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