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    Officials forum talk about head ref/pats fan Bernie Kukar

    Kukar will probably not be the Super Bowl ref because he failed to call a foul on the play that injured McNabb. It was reported that the ref or defender didn't realize McNabb was down by contact. That is irrelavant. NFL rule 12, Sec. 2, Personal Fouls, article 8(d) states: "running or diving into, or throwing the body against or on a ball carrier who falls or slips to the ground untouched and makes no attempt to advance, before or after the ball is dead" is unnecessary roughness. All the defender had to do was touch McNabb.

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    Re: Officials forum talk about head ref/pats fan Bernie Kukar

    I guess I will have to watch that game against the eagles again. what play are you refering to in regards to Mcnabb? I do remember during that game the pressure on Mcnabb was resentless, was it during the end or in the beginning.


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