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    Oh No! Think I upset the Redskin Extremists with this one.

    Oh, well - It's good to get some healthy bantering going before a game. I think they're mad at me ... Awesome!

    Posted Dec 20th 2006 8:33PM by The Watchdog
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    Redskins Orgainzation Makes the Rams troubles Look Small

    An in depth look at the Rams organization this year reveals really nothing more than a new coaching staff trying to implement a new system and re-create an identity for a football team in renovation mode. Sure there are frustrating things about the team's progress, as well as even more frustration regarding the lack of progress on defensive issues.

    But when taking a look at what's happening in Washington with the Redskins, it makes you want to exhale hard in sheer relief that the Rams aren't that kind of mess.and even more assistants to the assistants. It's freaking mind boggling.

    This Sunday when the Redskins roll into the Edward Jones Dome, it would be reasonable to expect a group of very frustrated and hungry football players.

    The Redskins are the New York Yankees of the NFL in how they try to buy their way to success with high-priced coaches and players. But they're in a league of their own when it comes to mis-managing their team and mis-evaluating their talent.

    Washington Post:

    When you look at some of the decisions being made by the Washington Redskins, you are led to wonder whether Joe Gibbs can ever fix all this, and, with all due respect to the Hall of Fame coach, how much of the dysfunction is his fault.

    Any routine examination of the Redskins now reveals a team that constantly (and unsuccessfully) tries to remake itself, that repeatedly misevaluates personnel, that throws away high draft picks, that has too many coaches (and possibly the wrong ones).

    They can spend whatever energy they want at Redskins Park trying to shoot the messenger, but the fact is the Redskins are no better off than the Arizona Cardinals or the Cleveland Browns, the NFL's perennial bottom feeders. No amount of money spent on veteran players and high-profile coaches has helped the Redskins do any better than 4-8.

    All of a sudden I feel a whole lot better about the situation in St. Louis. While the Rams record is no better, there seems to be far less head (or other) scratching going on and surely alot less Prozac going around.

    Compared to the high-profile mess going on in our nation's capital - the Rams woes are small time.

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    1. I don't know whats worse in this blog... The picture of Spurrier, the miss on the actual record in DC (5-9 by the way)or... The selective memory that conveniently lost the fact that the Redskins lost in the second round of the playoffs last year to the team that represented the NFC in the SB.

    In addition, that team that went to the SB was already beat by the redskins earlier in season. Finally, I will add that it is a credit to Joe Gibbs that he has remade the team since coming back, now is the time for some consistancy.

    They completely shut down the number one offense in the league last week who seemed to have hit their stride... They've found their QB of the future (finally) their exausted list of coaches refuse to move on.

    I see a future where you see a laughing stock. We may be the Arizona Cardnials (lots of talent but missing something) but we are no Cleveland Browns where losing is a tradition.

    And finally you conveniently left out that three out of the 4 teams in the NFC east are going to the playoffs... Your division stinks, and one team is in and the others aren't close.

    Good luck this week to your team who have lost got shutout by a woefull Carolina Panthers team...

    Posted at 6:44AM on Dec 21st 2006 by Kevin

    2. What a farce. My rebuttal will be coming soon.

    Posted at 12:05PM on Dec 21st 2006 by Jack Kogod

    3. I think the media and fans across the league do have selective perception (negatively) when it comes to the Redskins, probably because they make themselves easy targets with their approach to building their team through free agency, big contracts, squandering draft picks, having the most expensive coaching staff and Dan Snyder being young, rich and arrogant and squeezing every dime of revenue he can out of the team. Some of the negativity is justified and I don't agree with all of the team's approach, but I've resigned myself to the fact that Dan Snyder is a young guy who is passionate about the franchise so I have to get used to him being there for the long haul.

    They did come into this season with very high expectations and they blew too many games they could've/should've won (Week 1 v. MIN, Week 6 v. TEN, Week 11 @ TB, Week 13 v. ATL, Week 14 v. PHI), partly because of injuries (Shawn Springs and Cornelius Griffin are the two most important players on defense and each missed a few games in the first half), partly because of some missed FGs, and partly adjusting to a new offensive system, integrating new players, etc. Regardless of the reasons, they performed poorly this year, but if you look at it with a level head, they're really only two games (MIN and TEN losses by FGs you could say) from being right in the thick of things with the playoff hunt. If they had started stronger, perhaps they would've had confidence to turn a few other games in their direction.

    Everyone has a tough schedule in this league, so I'm not going to say that they had it worse than other teams, but they definitely had an odd schedule on two points: 1) they played every divisional opponent on the road before playing them at home and 2) they played three teams coming off their byes (IND, NYG, PHI) - all of them on the road. Those are pretty peculiar quirks to the schedule.

    I do wish they would value the draft more than they have - you can build cheap, young depth through the draft and that's important when you consistently spend big dollars on free agent acquisitions. They've consistently given away draft picks unnecessarily throughout recent history. When they've had high picks, they've done decent with them in this decade. Taylor Jacobs was a bust, but beyond him, Carlos Rogers was the only other one that I think has failed to justify his draft position Ė but thereís still time for him to turn it around by year three or four. Letting Smoot go forced them to go CB in that pick and Rogers was the only of the top three CBs still available (Pacman Jones and Antrel Rolle). Most of the first-day picks they've made in recent years have been solid (Taylor, Cooley, Campbell, etc.), but too often they've undervalued the draft in their trades Ė giving away a high pick next year to move up this year in both the Cooley and Campbell deals, as well as McIntosh this year. The Duckett trade didn't work out at all. As a result, their depth is a big weakness and there's a big drop-off when that depth is tested (i.e. Springs and Griffin missing time, having weak play in nickel and dime packages).

    The main recent free agent departure that bothers me is Antonio Pierce. He was an important part of the defense and moving Lemar Marshall from weakside to the middle to replace him weakened the defense at two positions because Marshall is one of the lower percentile middle linebackers in the league right now, but he was very adequate on the weakside. Ryan Clark also seems to be a bad loss in hindsight, but at the time, I was excited about bringing Archuleta in. I hope they can salvage something from that acquisition, but I sense that the staff may have already burned bridges with the guy and damaged relationships beyond repair by making him a scapegoat for the defense's struggles. If Prioleau hadn't gotten hurt, perhaps they could've brought Archuleta along more slowly and not exposed him until he was more ready, knowing how to play in this defense - either way, that was botched and he's got a large cap number for the team to deal with. The Portis-Bailey trade I think was one that had to be made, based one both players deciding they were done with their original team, but I wonder if we couldíve gotten away with giving less than a second-round pick in the deal. Parting ways with Coles and Arrington were cases of burned bridges, but itís tough to assign blame there without knowing everything that went on between the franchise and those parties. I think the Coles deal worked out okay in terms of Santana Moss, but the cap hits that both deals involved a lot of dead money that may have forced the teamís hand in some other decisions, like not retaining Pierce and/or Smoot.

    Overall, I wouldn't say the sky is falling or that they are a franchise that is clearly headed in the wrong direction. Considering that right now, the NFC East has three teams in the playoffs, they've had one of the toughest schedules in the league. They rank first in the NFC in strength of victory and third in strength of schedule. They've also showed they can play with some of the quality teams in the league by defeating Jacksonville and New Orleans and lucking into one vs. Dallas. They also finally broke their long drought against the AFC. So they've had their moments, but have lacked consistency and blown a lot of 2-possession leads and halftime leads.

    But the premise of this piece, that the Rams are in far better position looking forward, I doubt that. The Rams started strong against a soft schedule and have since had a predictable collapse - 2-7 with wins over Oakland and San Francisco. Their line is pretty weak and their defense is one Leonard Little DUI away from being among the worst in the NFL. The doubts that Bulger expressed a couple weeks ago about some guys just going through the motions is a concern in terms of how things are behind the scenes - the Washington locker room has been a lot more resilient than that over the last couple years. I like their offensive skill position guys (Holt and Jackson, in particular), but the best thing they have going for them looking into the future is that their division isnít the toughest in the league. ...but if you asked me which of these teams is closer to the 2007 or 2008 NFC Championship, Iíve gotta be more bullish on Washington.

    Posted at 1:36PM on Dec 21st 2006 by Chris

    4. Gotta Love it. There's nothing like a little pre-game banter to rile up the Indians and put a little spice into Blog-land. Come and get me boys.

    Posted at 1:41PM on Dec 21st 2006 by Watchdog

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    Re: Oh No! Think I upset the Redskin Extremists with this one.

    What's going on dawg? You're new around here. Welcome to the clan.

    Where is this blog coming from? Are you a blog nut? or a writer?
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    Re: Oh No! Think I upset the Redskin Extremists with this one.


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