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Thread: One cut system

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    Majpain Guest

    One cut system

    Do the Rams run it?

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    Majpain Guest

    Re: One cut system

    Anyone know???

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    Re: One cut system

    Are you talking about a one cut and go running style where the RB makes one cut and gets up field? It really isn't a system it is more of a style a RB runs. Sometimes S-jax is one cut and go, but sometimes he dances to much
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    Re: One cut system

    If we are talking about the 1-cut runningback style then I'm not sure, but unless something changes that's the way things look. It is a much better style to use provided that you have an O-line that is making contact and driving defenders off the ball.

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    Re: One cut system

    Quote Originally Posted by Majpain View Post
    Do the Rams run it?
    With the "one cut" running more associated with Zone blocking, I'm going to say no. Unless Shurmur is implementing it now, I haven't heard of a switch to the Zone scheme.

    So to answer your question......NO, the Rams do not use a one cut system.

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    Re: One cut system

    The Texans used to have a designed "one cut" system for their RBs, because they used a lot of zone blocking years ago. I'm not sure if they still do that. The coaches told the RBs to run towards the hole and make that one cut and hopefully get 5 yards. I can't remember if they did this because nothing else was working, or because they happened to find out the team was good at the one cut system; they had a pretty decent running game with it.
    One cut is probably the best way to run the ball though. That means your O-line is driving guys off, and you only need to cut one time to avoid a linebacker and break to the secondary.
    As far as I know, the Rams do not tell Jackson "we will be running the one cut style, don't do anything else," that's just how some of the plays develop.

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    BobCarl Guest

    Re: One cut system

    Quote Originally Posted by Nibiru2012 View Post
    He dances around way too much.
    I don't agree.

    In his first couple of games last year, he did stutter step very noticibly but the rest of the season it was a habit that had been put behind him.

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    Re: One cut system

    Do you mean the one cut system where when you are cut you go play for a division opponent like Bruce did? Not to be confused with the two cut system where when you are cut twice you go play for a division opponent and play in the super bowl like Warner did.
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