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    This is one game we need to open it up from the start.

    If we get into a ball control, conservative start, it will be a long day. I just donít see how we can stop LJ if we just try and hang around and win it at the end. We have to score early and often to get KC out of the running game. That means opening it up with the pass first approach. Curtis looked like the Curtis of last year, nice to see him making plays. Hard for Curtis to get involved when we are in two TE, two WR sets early.

    Haslett defense will need some early points from the offense and not a three and out like last week. Leaving his D on a short field really is getting old. Our best chance is get the crowd in it with a fast start and turning KC in a one-demention team, that being passing not running it down our throats.

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    Re: This is one game we need to open it up from the start.

    I agree. We need to go out and make them play from behind. Whether that means me win the toss and score quickly, or we lose, stop them in 3, and then score quickly.
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