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    One GIANT leap for RAMkind

    Obviously, The Rams were still in pre-season mode, with the disappointing flat performance, in the regular season opener against the Eagles last week in Philadelphia.

    It seemed the Rams made all the wrong moves, beginning with the coin toss.
    The Rams elected to defer to the Eagles, by choosing to kick instead of receiving to start the game. It was all down hill for the Rams from there.

    The old ghosts from the past few years continued to haunt the Rams all day long. Lackluster defensive coverage, questionable play calling and injuries lead to the teams' demise last Sunday.

    The 38-3 beating the Rams were handed was very hard to witness, and surely left a very bad taste in the mouths all devoted Rams supporters.

    After all that, Here come the World Champion New York Giants, having extra days to prepare since they started the season Thursday before the regular Sunday opening games. One can image the Giants licking their chops after scouting last Sundays Rams-Eagles matchup.

    The Rams will host the team from New York and will need a GIANT bowl of Homecooking to have even a glimmer of success against the G-MEN, at the ED.

    What the Rams basically need to do is get fired-up! Play with purpose and lay it out all on the line. Last week, it was sad to see the Rams seeemingly go through the motions. This week the Rams will need to bring their "A" game.

    'They might be Giants.....'

    Sure they are the Superbowl Champs, but do the Rams stand a chance against them?

    Why not?

    If the Rams take note of the Giants, the past year or so they were sort of going through what the Rams are now experiencing, a lack of purpose, fan discontent, coaches and players not on the same page, basically a team in disarray. At the beginning of last season the Giants were a very beatable team; However, down the stretch the Giants could not be beaten.
    Something clicked for the Giants during the middle of last season where they all came together as a unit.

    Thats what these Rams need, A 'Wake-up call!' Hopefully last weeks lost sends the messege that it's now 'TIME TO GO TO WORK!!!'
    It's time to get out of the duldrums and move forward.


    "One small step for RAMS, One GIANTS leap for RAMKIND." ~Neil Armstrong
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    Re: One GIANT leap for RAMkind

    "Sure they are the Superbowl Champs, but do the Rams stand a chance against them?

    Why not?"

    Man I sure hope so, if they come out in lay a egg again Linehan should resign he would have proven he is not going to get this team to play.

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    Re: One GIANT leap for RAMkind

    Holt said it well in the nfl network video. Even if you have the strongest and fastest players, you need the confidence most. We looked to have no confidence last week.

    Tomorrow, if we come out with more confidence, things may look a little better our way. We just need to stay confident and motivated at all times. Even if we get down quick, letting our emotions get down won't help at all. Ask any team, any player. Keeping spirits high is a big factor in keeping yourselves in the game.

    I have been thinking too that last week's game was a major wake up call to the team. It was a wake up call to me as a fan.

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