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    Mr.Blond Guest

    One Of The Greatest Shows

    Sure I want a Superbowl victory. No doubt. But what a year it's been huh? The Rams battled thru a completely new defense, Faulk being injured, Warner's throat and ribs etc. Looking back, makes me appreciate this team even more. I'm just happy that i got to spend it with you all, new and old Rams fans. I go back to the L.A. years but NOW is the greatest time to be a fan, what with the internet and being able to read what ya'll think and it's pretty cool to know that the Rams ARE popular enough to have such a great site about them. I LOVE THE RAMS AND YA"LL :evilram: RAMS: The team with the COOLEST helmets AND fans!!!!!!

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    right back at you big has been special. Heres to many more

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    28rulz Guest

    No doubt this has been a tremendous year for the team and its fans. Football gets me through the winter and the Rams have made it the best winter in a while. From the look of things this year..we'll be back even stronger next year. If this was only the beginning for our D , there will be no stopping us next year. Heck with all the changig of coaches and players we may be out of competition.....which actually makes for a dull game..

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    DEADLY-O Guest
    This is defineitley a special time right now, and from what I understand we have most of our O players for the next 5 years. I just hope that everyone understands that this can't last forever. There is nothing I hate worse than a fairweather fan. I don't see it ending any time in the near future though.

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    Cool Dynasty 5...

    That's a correct assumption Deadly-O.

    The teams that get even near to what the Rams have nowadays build a DYNASTY. NFL Hall of Famers and Legends are produced, Championships --the BIG ONE-- are won, memories are settled for years beyond.

    Yes, a very special year it has been. And now, thanks to Kurt Warner's cool boldness, the Rams, with him at the helm, are supposed to achieve four more Super Bowl victories. That's what he mentioned yesterday; I'm sure the respective quote or article will appear today.
    That's his goal: a total of 5 SUPER BOWL RINGS! Eeek!

    Ok, so the expert motivators encourage us to shoot for realistic goals.
    Atta boy Kurt! :rolleyes: *Gulp!* Go Rams! No really, GO D-E-E-P!...

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    28rulz Guest

    All good things must come to an end..At least thats what the saying is. I don't expect perfection or five more SB wins(that would be great though), I just think we have a team that plays TOGETHER.. even mediocre teams that play together do pretty well. And I'm like you Deadly-O, I hate it when fans are just jumping on the BANDWAGON.

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    When I first joined ClanRam earlier this summer,I posted that I thought this was going to be a special season.I felt deep in my gut that the Rams were going to the Super Bowl.This is a great team and right now I'll just worry about next week.This team does have the potential to rule the NFL the next few years,but we can worry about that during the offseason.Right now,lets root our team on to victory against the Pats.

    :angryram: GO RAMS! STAY FOCUSED! WIN!:shield:

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    28rulz Guest
    :wiseman:Will do Aries. Your right. This weekend is all that matters now.

    :angryram: GO RAMS

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    halon69 Guest
    Originally posted by 28rulz
    :wiseman:Will do Aries. Your right. This weekend is all that matters now.

    :angryram: GO RAMS

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