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A strip club 20 mins walk from the stadium??

Seriously though I will compare my experiences from elsewhere.

The bengals record for futility easily matches our own, but have a much healthier fan base at home, begals themed bars, A band called who dey that play in a bar after every game in the centre of town, orange and black banners around the town etc. I remember one fish restaurant having a sign "big cats love fish" in black and orange. A gigantic bengals store on the side of the stadium. A themed bar over the road, again black and orange. Street venders selling gear on every corner around the stadium. Loads of them. They are picking 4th in the draft. The had the leagues worst record from 1990-1999. Are a small city/market team. But cincy is bengal bonkers. I am not saying every game is a sell out or cincy is perfect, but loads of shops sell their gear, wall marts and the like. I have been twice as my wife is a bengals fan and I have found it very sobering. I would love the rams to have that kind of attention. I really would.
I also hope that the Rams get that kind of support. However, the Bengals have been in Cincinnati for over 40 years. The Rams are getting ready to start their 17th season in St. Louis. The Rams are in a town that previously had a football team, then was without one for 8 years. Many people chose a team and started rooting by the time the Rams got here. It's not like they were an expansion team original to St. Louis.

Man, I got sucked in!