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    One thing is for sure

    With Pettis out for the first two weeks and Salas off to join the hated Pats. Quick and Givens are going to play and be counted on to play well. Not sure how many receivers we will have on opening day but as today we only have five on the 53 roster.

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    Re: One thing is for sure

    Gibby, Quick, Givens, Smith, Amendola, and Pettis when he returns from suspension. Sounds like an actually admirable WR corps. Nice versatility. I'd prefer we didn't keep gibby, but he does provide depth. I see some nice production arising out of some of these guys. Hopefully they can expand the field enough to open some running areas on the field.

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    Re: One thing is for sure

    As long as we have five guys who can make contributions, whether that is on offense or on special teams(both sides), then that's plenty. We have two TE that should make plays and we have a stable of running backs, Jackson being one who can destroy a defense catching passes.

    I have no problem with the five that we have, though my guess would be that Gibson could be gone in week 3 when Pettis returns. But you never know, that could just be my anti-Gibson bias coming out.
    I believe!

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