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Thread: One thing we'll probably never know for sure ..

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    One thing we'll probably never know for sure ..

    When Jeff Fisher coached the Titans, how much input did Bud Adams have during each year's draft. We all know about the Vince Young vs Fisher saga, but that one understandably got a lot of press. How many times with less high profile players did Bud attempt to steer Fisher - not only with selection of players during the draft, but who should play on game days? As the title of this thread suggests, we'll likely never know. That said, if this is the first time Jeff has had zero interference from an owner or GM, we could be in for a real treat. It will be very interesting to see how this year's draft pans out.

    On the face of it, Fisher said he chose the Rams mainly because of Bradford. No disrespect to Sam, but I believe at best Sam was just the icing on the cake. The cake was Stan K. all the way.

    I too along with some others, had the impression of Jeff as a power running game guy. Three yards and a cloud of dust .. etc. Seems Jeff is charting a new course so far from the look of our latest draft. The Bud Adams imposed restraints are finally off - I can't wait to see where we go from here.
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    Re: One thing we'll probably never know for sure ..

    I still believe that Bud Adams was responsible for Fisher's late failures with the Titans. Despite working with players that don't fit Fisher's grand scheme, he still managed to get production out of them. As a result, the media and casual fans depict him as a mediocre to above-average coach at best. Now that he isn't on a tight leash that Adams put on him, we've seen what he's capable of his first year with our 180 turnaround. If the FA acquisitions and draft picks pan out this season, he'll be vindicated by many. Just like Jerry Jones, Bud Adams has what I'd like to call, the Al Davis syndrome.

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    Re: One thing we'll probably never know for sure ..

    So much goes into a successeful team--it all comes down to ownership's ability to organize their team. Smart owners have enough sense to put "football" minded professionals incharge. The forementioned Al Davis-J. Jones, make me so glad that neither own(ed) the Rams. What amazes me is how their fans put up with it.

    Several friends of mine are Cowboys/Raiders the case of the Raiders, the joke around the table goes "Whats the Raider's excuse now, Al is dead?" But considering how much I dislike the Cowboys, I hope Jerry lives forever, for while he draws breath its doubtful the Cowboys will see another Superbowl
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