Friday, December 10, 2004

WR Torry Holt

(On QB Chris Chandler)
“We all feel good about Chandler. We all have a great connection with him. I think we built on that this week. We had a good week of practice, and we just need to carry that into Sunday.”

(On Chandler’s arm strength)
“He’s throwing the ball extremely well. I’m very impressed with how he throws the long ball. I knew that in training camp and in preseason that he could throw the long ball, and he can throw it very well. His accuracy is real good too. So we have some good things up this weekend, and hopefully we can get to the long ball, get some completions, back those guys up.”

(On if he is looking for revenge from last year’s playoff loss to the Panthers)
“Last year was last year, and it’s all said and done. To be able to come back this year and have an opportunity to play against them is good. To say we aren’t thinking about what happened last year, I would be totally lying to you. We owe them one. You have to believe that they are going to be ready and excited about playing us. It’ll be a great match up for us. The way we are rolling and the way we are feeing right now, we should do pretty well.”

(On starting the season as a possible fullback)
“I roll with it. I gained the weight like (Coach Martz) wanted me to. I wasn’t real comfortable with it, but whatever they wanted me to do, that’s what I was going to do.”

(On being prepared)
“There are situations all over the league like this, where a guy goes down, you just have to be prepared. A lot of these guys (who have gotten their opportunities) are showing out, and doing the best that they can.”

QB Jeff Smoker

(On how he’s been handling the offense)
“I’ve been learning little by little every week. Obviously, I don’t know everything, and I don’t know as much as Marc (Bulger) or Chris (Chandler). But I know enough to be efficient and run the offense.”

(On how he was elevated to the number two quarterback)
“(Coach Martz) gave me a couple of reps yesterday. I got in there and threw some good passes and made some good reads. I think he gained a little confidence that I’ve studied, and I haven’t been sleeping in the meetings for the past couple of months. Usually, I am on the sidelines, writing on the clip board, maybe joking around here and there. But I have to stay into the game now, and be prepared to go in at anytime.”

(On what has been the hardest thing to learn)
“There is just so much to it, as far as the offense goes, as far as making the jump from college to pro. It just takes time with any new thing. It’s tough for a rookie in any position, I think, not just the quarterback, to be in there and be successful right away.”