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    Open Practices Show That Haslett Knows Who Is Boss

    Scott Linehan never learned the most important lesson that any NFL Head Coach can learn: in the end, you report to the media.

    Early in his tenure, Linehan barred the media from Rams Park, provided only limited access to practices, and prohibitted his assistants from commenting publicly. Something had to be done. The media began its campaign to undermine Linehan, just as we had done to Mike Martz, and these efforts finally proved successful.

    Jim Haslett knows better. He has opened practices to the media, and will pay homage to his de facto superiors. I'm sure he will realize that I, above all, hold the key to his future.

    So I welcome Head Coach Haslett's tenure. I'm sure he will learn from the mistakes of his predecessors and bow down to me and other media members.

    He better. Or else.

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    Re: Open Practices Show That Haslett Knows Who Is Boss


    Alternating what Shakespeare called "base spaniel fawning" with vicious personal attacks , the St Louis media is disgraceful.

    Hope your evasive techniques are better than your journalistic skills/ethics,boys, cuz I'm sure the "petulant" QB or any one of the "losers" on the team just got a lot more time to "mistakenly" clean your clock on the practice sidelines.

    Zebra: "15 yd penalty; multiple justified fouls on the play. Spiking the reporter, hands to the weaselly face, roughing the whiny columnist, and illegal cleats-to-the-nuts-or-where-the-nuts-would-be-if-you-had-'em". Wooorsstt Doooown !

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