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    Opinions on Hargrove please.

    Hey all,
    I'm a Bills fan, and I notice that we just acquired DE Anthony Hargrove from you guys.
    I understand that he has been having some trouble with the team, can yoy guys tell me the extent of this?
    Also, how good is Anthony Hargrove?

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    Re: Opinions on Hargrove please.

    He's got some raw talent, and the Rams hoped he would develop into a long-term starter. Last month, he went AWOL from the team without giving any explanation, and was suspended for a game.

    Certainly worth the gamble of a 5th Round pick for the Bills, but the Rams made the right choice in cutting ties with Hargrove.

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    Re: Opinions on Hargrove please.

    He missed several days of practice for undisclosed personal reasons without notifying anyone in the organization he would be gone. That is the main reason he got into hot water.

    The team had enough faith in him to let Fisher and Wistrom go to the Hawks over the last couple years banking on his potential. The guy has a lot of physical ability, but it just hasn't really translated into production yet. Coming out of college (because he was ruled academically ineligible for the next year) he was seen as a raw developmental player, too. The good news for you is that he's only 23, and he still has some upside. I just wouldn't expect him to make a big immediate impact.

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    Re: Opinions on Hargrove please.

    2006, in case you did not see this post in the other related thread:

    I think its a good trade for Buffalo. --GC
    2006, Welcome to the Clan.

    Yes, it seems you got the better end of this deal. As GC said, DE A. Hargrove will probably blossom under tough Coach Bill Kollar. Tony is a an emotional, quick and physical player and I think that he will use this trade as an incentive to come back fast and furious.

    A couple of weeks ago Hargrove had a little problem with the team and the personnel office for a two day AWOL; he even failed to call the coaches but he seemed to have mended the situation by apologizing to everyone and admitting the reason for being fined. It was a personal, family related issue that kept him away.

    But it also black balled him since rookie DE Victor Adenyaju has been as good as or better than Hargrove.

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    Re: Opinions on Hargrove please.

    I think that Hargrove has more then a 5th round picks worth of potential, but maybe Linehan wanted to send a discipline message to a new and young team and Hargrove was the first to screw up.

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    Re: Opinions on Hargrove please.

    I think you guys got suckered out of a fifth round draft pick.

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    Re: Opinions on Hargrove please.

    that famous word potential,he has that but so does every other player that comes into the league,i'm still mad at the Bills because they took London Fletcher from us,the guy has his motor going all the time,could turn out to be a nice pickup for you guys and we can always an extra pick.

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    Re: Opinions on Hargrove please.

    Country hit the nail on the head. I think we were going to waive him. New regime, cant tolerate that kind of juvenille crap from a marginal guy. If its a star, tough to banish him, but in a marginal, potential type guy with the wrong attitude (ie lack of commitment), it wont and shouldnt fly. It sends the totally wrong message to the team. If you dont show up for work and you dont call, you get fired. Its not that complicated.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel


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