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    Atlas Guest

    Opinions on the job of the Refs today

    How do you think the refs did in today's games? I think all the games ran very smoothly, except maybe the Raiders game. The Rams and Titans games went better then most. The Titans game had more flags then any other so far, I think. But all of them were right on the money. Typical Titans ball. Looking forward to seeing how this little drama plays out. And also hearing what Jim Rome has to say about the NFL's new offer.

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    MsWistRAM Guest
    Depends on what game you were watching.

    They did fine in the Rams game. Missed some calls, but that was to be expected. Almost a relief not having every little infraction called. And the goalline call was right. If wasn't in our favor, but it was a good call.

    Now the Chiefs game is another story. They had a guy tackled, wasn't sure he was down on contact, he got up and kept going. Determined that he was down, but called it a first down. But challenged whether or not he had broke the first down line. On review they first determined that it wasn't a reviewable play. What? Confusion on what was being reviewed. So review again. Ball did not break first down play, but because it was called that it had, they let it stand as a first down. Ugly review, ugly call! Hey, if nothing else, the replacements add entertainment value to the games.

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    DJRamFan Guest
    i think they were fine. The Rams game, they were reluctant to call pass interference, but i would rather have that...LET 'EM PLAY. Keep the new guys until the old ones come down. They're gonna miss calls, but i think the game is better that way - there are too many pansy penalties anyway (i.e. roughing the passer, kicker, etc. - its football for crying out loud).

    Grade: B

    Old Refs are gonna look like the MLB umps who "resigned." - stupid and unemployed.

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    Talking No roughing the refs...

    Yes, I agree. I think the replacements are doing well. Considering their fill-in status, B+.

    In yesterday's Ram - Eagles game, I do believe the close (and critical) reviewed /overturned call for a Philly TD was, like MsWistRAM said, correct. Besides, regular officials make some mistakes too, it's part of the drama. And yes, it is probably better not to be too particular, too picky about some technicalities that often disrupt or fizzle the game ...although I think Marshall WAS held on a pass play.

    Dez, wasn't there on ogoing poll on this? It's a good subject to keep track of, I think. Thanks Atlas. :cool:

    GO RAMS!!!
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