The Rams' Special-Ed Team gives up a kickoff return for a TD (forget about the kicker making tackles again for a minute). McDonald's idea of returning a punt is to dive at the feet of on-coming traffic. MB gets intercepted at the goal-line and has a 2nd returned for a TD. Bruce fumbled again. After breaking tackles to score, Jackson is left on the side-line and doesn't see any playing time until much later. The D is asked to make just one play at the end of the game and they manage to drop an INT. The Refs penalized Thomas but let MB and Holt get undeserved abuse. NY didn't rollover once they secured their playoff berth. The Rams won the coin toss, yet still gave the Jets a chance at kicking the game winner.

Any one of these situations was more than enough to wrap up the year and whip on eM 'n eM for his part in all of it. But fate has come 'a callin'. Opportunity is staring them straight in the face. It rarely knocks twice. Fate doesn't come with an engraved invitation. To win despite all that nonsense is an opportunity wrapped as a gift. I hope the youngsters recognize the moment for what it is.