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    Tony Soprano Guest

    Our NEW HC; Our pathetic DEFENSE!!

    This season has, in my opinion, cemeted the need for a Defensive minded coach,, since we're getting a New Head coach either way... We need to go with DEF because we have tremendous problems on that side and we are always a threat to lose with our Rushing Defense.


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    Re: Our NEW HC; Our pathetic DEFENSE!!

    I hear you on the coaching side, but bottom line is we need better players on defense. even buddy ryan couldnt make this group a competitive defense. blame marmies schemes if you want, but the players have to execute and tackle and i have never in my life seen a worse tackling team. Guys are where they are supposed to be, in position to make the play, and they cant bring the player down. that is not coaching, that is on the players.

    free agency and the draft are the keys. bring me the head of aj the hawk.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Tony Soprano Guest

    Re: Our NEW HC; Our pathetic DEFENSE!!


    To your point, I can't remember the last time I heard of an NFL team tackling in practice at the end of the season. That's what the Rams have been doing because the coaches identified that our DEF is not even doing the basics of football.

    A new coach will get rid of at least half that Defense in the first two years.. But we are really at the bottom of the league in DEF. Look how many big plays we allow.

    Compare us to DET and New Orleans (if you're a coach getting multiple offers) and we've have much better overall talent than those guys.


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    Jose R ivram fan Guest

    Re: Our NEW HC; Our pathetic DEFENSE!!

    Can we vote for Larry Marmie as defense coach of the
    year? perhaps Mad Mike might just want t give him another chance, after all he is such a genious,in two sesons he is only 15-18 Goegia should fire John Shaw
    and all his cronnies.


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