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    general counsel Guest

    Our overall cap situation

    Cap update gentlemen. These numbers are not going to be exact, but they are reasonably reliable for discussion purposes and more than enough with which to dazzle your friends that do not have the good sense to join us on this board.

    We are currently 6.1 million under the cap. The rookie pool is roughly 3.5 million, give or take. I believe we will save 3.65 after june 1 when we cut turley (it will cost us about 1.8 this year for turleys prorated bonus and 5.46 next year assuming we are not able to convince him through arbitration or otherwise to pay back any portion of the bonus). Thus, we will be at roughly 6.2 million available dollars overall, plenty of room to do almost whatever we want, with the following caveat: A lot depends on the leonard little trial on monday.

    ramming speed to all, i hope those of you that have better info will correct me as needed to give us all the most accurate info possible.

    general counsel

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    AugustaRamFan Guest

    Re: Our overall cap situation

    Agree! Just as the Pace signing was a big deal for the O, the Little trial will be have the same impact on the D.

    I will not venture an opinion as to which has the most impact on the team... I think most would say the Pace signing!


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