At the start of the season, what was the conventional wisdom as to how to defend against the Rams offense?

I'd say that most teams were relatively unconcerned about the Rams' running game and receivers, and focused on pressuring Sam Bradford on third and long.

Now, opposing teams know that they must expect a healthy dose of Zac Stacy on inside runs. This tests, and potentially wears down, the front sevens of opposing defense. As a result, there is more of a temptation to play 8-9 men in the box.

Of course, Tavon Austin has the ability to challenge that approach. As we saw against the Colts, he can kill man coverage with his speed.

This is hopefully just the tip of the iceberg. If the Rams can maintain a varied approach on offense and keep opposing teams off balance, things will open up even more.

Not to defend Brian Scottenheimer, who I do think makes some very questionable play calls, but things sure look better when the running game is working and the big play threat is present.