ok so i got to thinking and i was saying before how it would be good to get parcells here and all that crap but then i had the most amazing dream think back to a time when the rams had just won the superbowl and were the greatest with Dick Vermeil as head coach and how great we were well we were not that great we had one superbowl with him more then the last guys Linehan and o god no please no Joe Vitt... so i got to thinking who could come in and do something with this team that he wasnt able to do before win playoff games hmmm the guy who won the most games with the rams you know him as John Robinson he was the coach of the L.A rams from 1983 to 1991 he coached 153 games winning 79 of them only two games less the martz and Vermeil Combined.... i know they wouldnt hire him but things could be worse they could bring HUgo Bezdek back to live and lead us to a 1-15 season to go 2-28 in his career of coaching HAHA man im bored lol