Mike Martz was clearly outcoached in the Superbowl. How can you have the best RB in the league and not involve him in the most important game of the season. You would think that he may have learned that by now.

Every time the RAMS get behind all he wants to do is throw the ball in the air.

I do admire Mike for being a coach that "Thinks Outside The Box", but sometimes you need to do things the traditional way.

Also, Dexter needs to go!!!!! Hes our weakest link. He gets burned every play it seems like. The touchdown the Pats got was the same play PHILLY did on us.

Lastly, I admire LOVIE for what hes done. But ive just never been a big fan of the "PREVENT" type defense. We scored and then let them drive down the field on us. Knowing that they have the best kicker in the league....

But im not as hurt as I thought i would be. You cant even put the blame on any of the players. Mike Martz just should have took what he learned from the Philly game and applied it to this game. I mean we have all the talent in the world and the best RB to ever play the game and he didnt use it wisely....

Im hurt but not that hurt