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    Re: Over rated players????

    Quote Originally Posted by BEER View Post
    "YAC" is what I say..Those are not deep balls, they are 20, 30 yard pass that
    get 10 more yards.. A true deep ball is thrown 40-60 yards and thats what
    im talking about.

    Here is the you tube clip again of a pass that qualifies for your 40-60 yard range your talking about. At least if your going to bash Bulger bring something factual to your arguement.

    watch this.
    YouTube - Torry Holt TD Catch

    Aim high Willis, Aim High!

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    Re: Over rated players????

    Bennett, last year, considering the amount of money we threw out for him, but again time will tell. I don't think there is anyone on this team overrated by anyone on ESPN or any other sports website/magazine. It is just us fellas lol
    Always and Forever a fan of the St. Louis Rams

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    Re: Over rated players????

    Quote Originally Posted by Fargo Ram Fan View Post
    Bennett has been living on the reputation of ONE big season in his SEVEN year career. The guy has NEVER topped 750 yds or had even as many as 5 TDs in 6 of 7 years. There are clearly good reasons why a team who is so thin at WR (Tenn) would let this guy walk. He STRUGGLES to be AVERAGE in the NFL. Whatever theyre paying him...its probably wayyyy too much.
    Fargo nailed this one. Of all the teams that would let ANY WR walk who has any potential, why would it be the Titans who have NO WR's?

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    Re: Over rated players????

    Seems to me that we just have a team of players who aren't that good anymore.
    Bulger has maybe two yrs max and we need a young QB to have ready.
    Little is wearing out,we need help at his spot.
    Pace.... well I don't know , he is about done too.
    Pisa......Too damn small!
    Jackson better pick it up!!!!
    And there is more but bottom line is we need alot of help!!!!!!!
    So overrated NO, Just not that good anymore YES.

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