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    Pace-The Big Man dominates again

    I thought that this topic warranted an independent thread. I join all of those applauding the news that Pace may be in the process of terminating the Postons. I will wait to rejoice until its official and he hires someone else.

    This thread in intended to address the previously advanced notion by many rams fans that pace's holdouts have hurt the team, that he is overated, not worth the money and a distraction to the team.

    Querry, did he look like a distraction today? What does it take for people to understand how important The Big Man is in our offense. Did anyone see The Big Man's guy get within the same area code as bulger at any point today? Did we not all see pace pushing his guy past the qb on play after play. Did we not see him clearing the way on a number of running plays.

    Sign the Big Man, he is a core guy to the squad and trading him for a pick or two is NOT going to help us win games.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Re: Pace-The Big Man dominates again

    Agreed, GC. Well said.
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