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    Panthers/Rams: Proehl expected to retire

    Panthers: Proehl expected to retire
    by Fanball Staff -
    Monday, January 31, 2005

    Panthers' wide receiver Ricky Proehl is expected to
    announce his retirement during the offseason,
    according to the Rock Hill Herald. The 15-year veteran
    said he intended to wait a few weeks after the season
    before making a decision on his future. Proehl
    finished the year with 34 receptions for 497 yards and
    no scores.

    No official announcement has been made, but there's a
    very good chance that Proehl has played his final
    game. Even if he surprises everyone by returning this
    year, there's no guarantee that he will play for the
    Panthers, who already have Steve Smith and Keary
    Colbert, and are in the process of renegotiating
    Muhsin Muhammad's contract.

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    Re: Panthers/Rams: Proehl expected to retire

    I wish him the best in retirement. Though he left the Rams on somewhat unfriendly terms, he will always be a big part of the Greatest Show on Turf, and his catch against Tampa will always be a top play in Rams history.

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    Re: Panthers/Rams: Proehl expected to retire

    I remember watching that play, and thinking there is no way he can come down with that...yet he did. In a game that was filled with great defensive moments from both teams, that catch has to be the play of the game. Without a doubt, an all-time Rams highlight.

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    Re: Panthers/Rams: Proehl expected to retire

    Heck, if he really wants to play another year, let's bring him back! Don't ask me how to make it work, I just know that Proehl is a guy that I'd want on my team.

    I still can't believe "the catch" wasn't reviewed. Or was it? I don't even remember now but I know I was nervous as hell about the prospect of the officials dissecting on replay to the Nth degree.

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    Re: Panthers/Rams: Proehl expected to retire

    The Catch - Wow.

    If he wants to play another year, the Rams could use him. Release Looker and Furrey, and replace them with Proehl. Improves the WR position, plus opens up one roster spot.

    Not sure if he would come to the Rams for the league minimum, I think he wants to get back to Winston-Salem.

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    Re: Panthers/Rams: Proehl expected to retire

    Let's not forget he caught two passes in two superbowls both of which were scores to tie the game late. Both of which ended up being for naught. Prohel is going to go out as one of the most underrated players in the history of sports.
    Loved ya then and still love you now RP.


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