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    Passing game

    Just too many defenders in the backfield disrupting almost every passing play. How can our receivers make catches when they can't even begin their routes? How can Bulger or Green make accurate throws when they can't even plant their feet?. If our QB isnt getting sacked, he's being chased or has a hand in his face. Every team will put up impressive defensive stats against us. There's really no magic play or secret blitz package that need to be drawn up to play us, and its frustrating to watch us go down the tubes this way. Really, i hope that our offseason produces some good young O-linemen. Not decent!!!...GOOD!!! Good enough to make all of our current starters backups to backups. Dress all of our practice team linemen, i'm sure they wanna play.

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    Re: Passing game

    I agree with most of what you are saying here, but every qb in the league faces pressure. The problem is that Marc has faced so much pressure that when the line does give him an opportunity to make a play, the clock in his head has already gone off that he should be rid of the ball. This is the where the timing is off in this offense and everything is out of sinc. I'm not bashing him for doing this cause I'll be the first to admit I would'nt play behind this line and I'm bigger than Marc. How this guy is in one piece I'll never know. The same itchy trigger syndrome affects Green also IMO. Your correct that we need to get some eager linemen who will take some pride in protecting their qb like good linemen of old used to. It was something for a lineman to hang his hat on if his qb wasn't sacked, I wonder where the pride has went with this group?
    There is always hope friend, next year could be a banner year, although I think it's a few years away, but you never know who would have thought Miami would be where they are now after the year they had.

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