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    Re: A passing thought that may actually be a decent idea

    Quote Originally Posted by moloch41 View Post
    We tried that and got Greg Olson- I'm thinking maybe he should be persuaded to pick whoever the front office wants for now on...
    Ummm... Who was the last HC we really hired? I think it was Dick Vermeil. Since then we have hired two OC's to be HC's... We see how that turned out.
    This space for rent...

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    Re: A passing thought that may actually be a decent idea

    Updating this thread from a couple of weeks ago, with the signing of Bill Parcells as the Dolphins new head football honcho, I think there is a substantial likelihood that Cameron will be out as Miami's HC.

    He really makes a lot of sense for the Rams OC job. Shaw is already familiar with him, as he was interviewed for the HC job two years ago.

    Let's get him!

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    Re: A passing thought that may actually be a decent idea

    The word is that Cam and the Tuna have a very close mutual friend. Bobby "The General" Knight. If the General gives the TUNA the good word on Cam chances are Cam stays.

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    Re: A passing thought that may actually be a decent idea

    As bad as the Dolphins' record is, they've had a tremendous running game this year. My big question is who was responsible for the house-cleaning that left the team without many weapons? Add in the fact that he lost his starting QB and starting RB as well as other injuries on offense and defense and me may just get a pass this year. If he'd gone winless, I think he's out the door but I'm not so sure he's an automatic goner.

    If anything, with all the Schottenheimer talk going around, if Cameron leaves the Dolphins would he reunite with Marty with some kind of plan to take over in a year or two?

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