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    In the past three weeks, the Rams have been a good football team.

    A simple statement, but one that we have not been able to say for a long time.

    Still, looking back at the last three: a win on the road to a Redskins team that is now 6-2, a blowout at home against a talented, though short-handed, Cowboys team, and a 4th quarter road loss to a battered, but still talented, Patriots team (without the Rams best player).

    Average score over the three weeks 23-18.

    In the "things looking up" category, the same three week period has seen the Rams' first round choice register 9 tackles, 2 sacks and a fumble recovery. Second round choice Donnie Avery has emerged as a true playmaker, averaging nearly 100 yards per game and catching 4 passes over 40 yards. Even Keenan Burton is starting to contribute.

    There are still problems, of course. But, perhaps, some of those might start to improve as well. We still have not seen Greco and Scheuning play much. I'd like to see them get a chance.

    Where is this season going to end up? Who knows. The Rams dug a big hole for themselves in the first four weeks under Line#$@, but if the can win this weekend, they'll be but a game out of the division lead.

    I'm not counting on the playoffs this year but I do see the Rams headed in the right direction.

    Not bad for three weeks' work.
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    Re: In the past three weeks, the Rams have been a good football team.

    They are a major improvement over where I feared they would be at this stage of the season before Line*$# got canned. They have some confidence back and just a little swagger about them that may lead to a .500 season or better, we'll just have to wait and see.

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    Re: In the past three weeks, the Rams have been a good football team.

    I had absolutely no belief in Haslett being able to turn the team around. But he has. We lost against the Patriots but we should be proud of that game. We've proved that we can play with any team in the NFL. I will NEVER understand how Linehan could fail so utterly with the talent that we have - it's obvious from how we've played that we are definitely not near the bottom of the league talent-wise.

    I'm only going to say 2 negative things about that Patriot game, and one of those was outside our control:

    - 9-0 in the penalties department? Yeah right, I see nothing is new in terms of officiating in Patriot games, same old same old.

    - I wish our $65 million QB could play at a level where he could win games and not only try to avoid losing them and letting the rest of the team do the heavy lifting.

    But bottomline, we played another solid game against a good team and we fought for that win. We had every chance to beat the Patriots, they were a good match up for us IMO, had Steven Jackson played we would have won it for sure.

    The good news is 49'ers lost and Cardinals lost. We're still in it guys. Now bring on the Cardinals!

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