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    [PD]: Victory eases frustration of failures in red zone

    Victory eases frustration of failures in red zone
    By Bill Coats

    GREEN BAY, WIS. Scoreboard operators around the NFL no longer quake at the sight of the Rams' offense taking the field. Yet quarterback Marc Bulger and his mates seem to squeeze out just enough.

    "We might not be where we want to be; we all love to score points," running back Steven Jackson said. "But we're moving the ball effectively, through the air and on the ground. And I have no complaints once you have a 'W' on the board."

    The perfectly balanced attack that coach Scott Linehan dialed up -- 30 pass plays, 30 runs -- amassed 327 yards and two touchdowns Sunday in a 23-20 victory at Lambeau Field. But the Rams squandered three other opportunities inside the Green Bay 10-yard line, and only a late fumble by Packers quarterback Brett Favre spared them a wrenching defeat.

    "We had great field position," Bulger said. "But it didn't work out, and we've got to get better at that."

    The Rams got into the end zone on two of their first four possessions. Bulger connected with wide receiver Torry Holt for a 6-yard touchdown and a 7-0 lead. Then Bulger found wideout Kevin Curtis for a 3-yard TD that gave the visitors a 14-10 halftime lead.

    "It's always good to get in the end zone," said Curtis, who hadn't scored this season. "But as long as we've got more points at the end of the game, whatever it is, it's enough."

    Still, the Rams could have put away the Packers and avoided the tense moments at the end, had they been more efficient near the goal line. Kicker Jeff Wilkins provided all their second-half scoring on field goals of 31, 26 and 20 yards.

    Wilkins was called on when promising drives stalled after reaching the Green Bay 9, 8 and 1-yard lines. It's been a season-long theme, save for last week's 41-point outburst vs. Detroit.

    "We're getting it done," said wideout Shaun McDonald, who contributed two catches for 30 yards and a 28-yard punt return. "All that matters is the 'W.' We've got four right now, and we're trying to get this next one and go into the bye 5-1."

    The Seattle Seahawks, two-time defending NFC West champs, stand in the way of that aspiration: They will visit the Edward Jones Dome on Sunday, and center Richie Incognito noted that unless the Rams stop wasting chances, their luck could come to an abrupt halt.

    "When we play the better teams, like Seattle, we're not going to get away with stuff like that," he said. "No field goals; we've got to put up six."

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    Re: [PD]: Victory eases frustration of failures in red zone

    i am very worried about our redzone offense i thought it was a problem of the past few weeks but it really has not been solved yet.. this is a game the rams should have one comfortably instead farve almost gets us wid a comeback i believe we must score TDs in the redzone against seattle or we will have no success in beating them
    Torry Holt Dont play that

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    Re: [PD]: Victory eases frustration of failures in red zone

    Quote Originally Posted by Nick View Post
    Victory eases frustration of failures in red zone
    "When we play the better teams, like Seattle, we're not going to get away with stuff like that," he said. "No field goals; we've got to put up six."
    Anyone else notice this line? I doubt anyone in Green Bay will notice, but I'm sure it could spark up some conraversy in Packers camp. Doesn't matter as long as the Rams keep winning!

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    Re: [PD]: Victory eases frustration of failures in red zone

    Red Zone Offense. Would we rather see double reverses, end arounds, handing off to the tight end on an off tackle run ?? That's what we used to see on occasion. Linehan is going very vanilla to avoid the costly turnover.
    I do agree we need to run the ball between the tackles with the likes of Jackson and Davis. I don't understand why Linehan gives up on that so quickly. We all know thew closer the offense gets to the endzone the smaller the field gets. Makes it much harder to find the open receiver without risk.
    So what do we take the chance on a turnover or play it vanilla and likely settle for 3. That answer lies in the game situation itself. A score is a score and points are hard to come by. IMO we don't want to walk away with nothing. When we absolutely have to have 6 Linehan will have to get creative and ask Bulger to take risks.

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    Re: [PD]: Victory eases frustration of failures in red zone

    I think Linehan gives up on the run down on the goal line too soon. I would have rather seen Jackson pound it again rather than Bulger try to outrun a safety and a linebacker. I also think Jackson felt the same way after seeing his frustration on the sideline. Also the play call at the end of the game that flip to jackson needs to be abandoned at that time. Not only did the Rams not get the yds Jackson was forced out stopping the clock. I think the players arent the only ones getting used to this offense. Linehan is still getting the feel for things, remember he is a rookie head coach. Everything isnt going to be perfect. We are 4-1 should be 5-0 and we are coming into a huge game vs Seattle. If we squeak out a win there it will be huge for the confidence of this team.
    Aim high Willis, Aim High!


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