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    PD: Ziggy at it again

    Zygmunt heads off Martz's attempt to get play suggestion to Fairchild
    By Jim Thomas
    Sunday, Oct. 23 2005

    Even in victory, the feuding apparently continues between head coach Mike Martz and the team's front office.

    Two sources told the Post-Dispatch on Sunday that a team official was denied access to the Rams' coaching booth. The team official was trying to relay a play-call suggestion from Martz to offensive coordinator Steve Fairchild. According to the sources, president of football operations Jay Zygmunt wouldn't let the team official relay the information.

    Martz apparently was trying to suggest that Fairchild call a specific running
    play in New Orleans territory.

    Martz is resting and receiving treatment at home for a bacterial infection of the heart valve. He missed his second consecutive game because of the illness Sunday, a 28-17 comeback victory by the Rams.

    Martz has been in fairly regular contact with members of the coaching staff since taking a leave of absence two weeks ago. On Sunday,watching from home, Martz phoned Fairchild at halftime to offer a couple of suggestions.

    But unable to phone Fairchild once the second half started, Martz sent a team official to the coach's booth at the Edward Jones Dome with the play
    suggestion. After being conspicuous in his absence for the better part of a month, Zygmunt has been in the coach's booth the past two games since Martz has been sidelined.

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    Re: PD: Ziggy at it again

    Martz...just stop. The coaches seem to be running things OK. You don't need to call in during the game. In fact, most of us would just prefer if you took a step back and just watched the team play so that perhaps when you come back, you'll finally start to see some of the things that you need to do better as a HC.

    This is sort of like one of those "time off" things you do with your girlfriend"... well, actually those don't usually work out too well.....LOL.


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