View Poll Results: What Personnel Move (or Non-Move) Concerns You Most?

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  • Relying on Greene and Berlin behind Bulger/No developmental QB

    11 16.67%
  • Assuming that Witherspoon, Tinoisamoa, Culberson and Draft will be enough at LB.

    19 28.79%
  • Not seeking an upgrade over Corey Chavous.

    22 33.33%
  • Not obtaining a veteran starting CB.

    5 7.58%
  • If Leonard is bulking up to play FB, is Pittman enough behind Jackson?

    3 4.55%
  • Jacob Bell is nice, but we needed another veteran OL.

    3 4.55%
  • Other (specify below).

    3 4.55%
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    Re: Which Personnel Move (or Non-move) Cause You The Greatest Concern?

    I voted for not getting a safety. Since about 5-6 picks before our 2nd rounder I was hoping with each pick that no one would take Kenny Phillips or that we would trade up just a few spots and grab him (it wouldn't have cost much). Then along comes the Giants only 2 picks ahead of us and take him - I'm still bummed, although I don't think we would have taken him even if he fell to us seeing how we didn't go after another safety afterwards. The FO apparently thinks we have all the safeties we need for some reason, I disagree. Imagine us getting Chris Long AND Kenny Phillips in the 1st round this year - that would have been my ultimate dream scenario and one hell of an upgrade to our defense! We needed a great young safety to play with Atogwe, Chavous would be better with less snaps passing the torch to a younger player this year and letting someone else take over his spot completely next year.

    Now that we didn't address safety at all look for it to be a big need next year. It's always better to address your needs at least 1 year before you get desperate (which is what we should have done a couple of times now - with our DT's, DE's and now safeties) and end up settling for someone or throwing a very green rookie out there and hoping for the best. Draft your players 1 year before you need them if at all possible and let them learn the first year. In this case I think that was possible for us to do, but we chose not to.

    Cutting Bruce was a big one too and should have been a voting option I think. If it had been I wouldn't know whether to go with that decision or the lack of a new safety - it's just about tied as I see it because cutting Bruce was real bad too.
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    Re: Which Personnel Move (or Non-move) Cause You The Greatest Concern?

    I don't feel very "safe" with our current SS situation. OOOOOHHHHHH!

    That was my vote.

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    Re: Which Personnel Move (or Non-move) Cause You The Greatest Concern?

    So Since we've used key draft picks to upgrade our D-Line this year and last year, Next step must be LB's.
    Witherspoon can't do it all by himself. We have to hope Pisa stays healthy, which has been uncertain since his arrival. Then, we have a returning special teams LB that's expected to start. Although Draft is a reliable veteran, we needed a bit more help at Linebacker, but late-round draft picks arent gonna give us much.
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    Re: Which Personnel Move (or Non-move) Cause You The Greatest Concern?

    Quote Originally Posted by general counsel View Post
    Waivng Isaac Bruce
    woah, how did I miss this?

    This wage huge.

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    Re: Which Personnel Move (or Non-move) Cause You The Greatest Concern?

    The one big concern to me is Barron. Sure, Greco can probably step in at RT, but what happens if Pace goes down? Barron is NOT going to be able to fill Orlando's shoes.

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    Re: Which Personnel Move (or Non-move) Cause You The Greatest Concern?

    This poll could have a ranking order, because they are all problems unaddressed this year. I voted linebackers because that is the heart of a D, and while we have WW I would argue that the rest are a bunch of no-shows. I think WW deserves some help at LB, he works harder then anybody out there.

    Chavous needed to be replaced... this is another year- same problem

    We need a better CB duo - I'm not sure either of our CB's, minus Bartell who I like and think will be great in the future, are starting caliber. I think its almost time we completely write off the 2006 draft disaster.

    The rest could have been chosen as well; for me except one choice. BULGER needing depth... FOR anyone on here who doesn't think Bulger can be a top 5 QB in the NFL I think you are way off. Bulger is a top 5 QB. The problem isn't that we need depth or a QB for the future, it is two part:
    a) He needs better coaching, we all seen how good he can be under Martz
    b) He needs blocking. I would rather spend time and money on blocking then having a bunch of dispossable backup QB's who are only going to get hit as much as Bulger did anyway. Blocking is the problem here not Bulger.

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    Re: Which Personnel Move (or Non-move) Cause You The Greatest Concern?

    Waivng Isaac Bruce and not resigning Steussie -- GC

    Voted for ... Bell nice / need another OL. Is Steussie no longer available?

    Still, the loss of I. Bruce is / was / is a great concern.

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