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    Peter King article

    Pretty good quote from Peter King over at about the upcoming game:

    I think the Rams are the most invisible 4-1 team in memory. Who'd have thought Seattle-St. Louis might be the best game of Week 6? Maybe Carolina-Baltimore is better, but Rams-Seahawks is more compelling, because a St. Louis win would give the Rams a game-and-a-half lead, and it would give Seattle two conference losses in the increasingly difficult fight for home field advantage in the NFC.

    "As soon as we saw all the zeroes on the scoreboard,'' Rams tackle La'Roi Glover said afterward, "a lot of the veterans who've been around a while and really view the Seattle game as a rivalry game were saying, 'Now it's Seattle week.' This was a good win. They're all good, obviously. But now we'll be playing for the lead in our division. Seattle-St. Louis is like Dallas-Washington. We don't like them too much.''

    I'm interested in hearing what Matt Hasselbeck thinks of the revamped St. Louis defense when he studies the Rams this week. I'll tell you who's playing well on that defensive front -- Leonard Little.
    Regardless of what they say, I do think some of the players were looking ahead to this week.

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    Re: Peter King article

    No doubt, LTFan. I would say that most of our players are definitely looking forward to this game 6 at home. It has been an incresaing expectation, as it is for other teams to play the Colts or the Bears.

    The added "incentive", of course, is that's is hard not to keep in mind that the Sawks were in the SB last year and have lost only one game, like we have, but they were whipped by the still undefeated Bears.

    Nice of Peter King to place us up there among the best games of this week!


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