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    Peter King on Bulger

    Quote Originally Posted by Peter King
    Saw the first quarter of Jets-Rams, and Marc Bulger looked sharp. Good for him. Good guy, and I still think he can be a top-12 quarterback if he's protected, and if Donnie Avery comes back in time for the opener from his stress-fractured left foot.
    Hear that? Top 12! I'm actually amazed to see such high praise from a national writer.

    Now the next step is just protecting the man!

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    Re: Peter King on Bulger

    You're right Teke, for a national writer, especially the caliber of a guy like King to say that, is suprising. Just when you think Bulger is an afterthought in the QB debate and supposedly ready for the scrapheap, something like this comes out. Obviously not an earth shattering revelation, but it's nice to hear an unbiased observer see what a lot of us who support Bulger see.

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    Re: Peter King on Bulger

    I see Bulger having a hugh season this year, top 10 QB! GO RAMS!

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    Re: Peter King on Bulger

    just dont see any of what you guys are sayng happening right now

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    Re: Peter King on Bulger

    Marc Bulger is one of the most accurate passers in the NFL when he has a line that gives him more than 2 seconds to scan the field, period.

    GO RAMS!!!!!!

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    Re: Peter King on Bulger

    Alot of people thought Chad Pennington was done when he was shipped from the Jets, but as it turned out, he had a fantastic year leading a team that went 1-15 the year before to a division championship. My point is, accurate passers always have an opportunity to be successful, no matter what, because QB's don't suddently lose their accuracy. It is like a golfer who is a good putter. Once a good putter, always a good putter. No matter what course, or the players age, a player can be very competitive if they putt well. The point of all this is that Bulger is known for being a very accurate quarterback, and if he is given time, and doesn't have recievers drop balls. He will have a chance to show signs of his old self.

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    Re: Peter King on Bulger

    let me put it this way every quaterback is on target when they have time to throw the ball. doesn't make him a great QB. He need to get better a blitz reads, and possibly getting in the faces of running backs who miss blitz pick-ups.

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    Re: Peter King on Bulger

    Notice all the Bulger haters aren't posting in here...maybe when someone with some kind of credibility posts something positive, they all scatter.

    How funny.

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    Re: Peter King on Bulger

    It's good to the man finally getting some love for a change. This season will be a much more accurate display of how good he really is, or isn't.

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    Re: Peter King on Bulger

    Can we all please forget about M.B, hes O.K. A little support for him from a section of ram fans wouldnt go amiss though.
    If anyone needs critisizing its the Def. backs.

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