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Wow. You conveniently fail to mention the WR and OL situation. A solid advantage in talent goes to the Jets in both categories. And with the talent protecting him and the targets he had to throw to, Sanchez looked like a stiff. Also, the Jets had a pretty constant starting unit for the entire season. The Raiders...not so much. Palmer came to the team in mid season...off the STREET...and played immediately. Oh well, minor details. There can be no disputing that Jackson CLEARLY got MORE...out of considerably LESS talent and cohesion.
There was a continuity factor for hue defiantly...however hue did not have considerably less talent...We should all know how O-line play does not translate to the next season the Jets had elite o-lines in 2009 and 2010 however this season they regressed...Nick Mangold is elite and a pro bowler however D'Brikishaw Ferguson does not belong in the pro bowl he allowed 9.5 sacks and his run blocking was not the same as last year also this year the Jets o-line had a MAJOR hole at RT Wayne Hunter the guy was pure garbage he played like ALex Barron 11 penalties and keep allowing sacks the entire O-line had to slide right to try to hide his deficiencies... Look at our O-line they did horrible and made our back-field starters look bad however shotty got the most out the group...Also Sanchez was the 5th most sacked QB

The WR situation can certainly be debated HOlmes is the best WR overall but you argue that Palmer did not have talent he had so good young targets to throw to DHB ran crisp routes this year and denarius moore had monster games

TBH i think both are good candidates but i am tired of people completely bashing Shotty...people make it seem like shotty is the reason the jets failed

EDIT: well its official so no more need to debate hue vs. shotty