Posted by Mike Florio on October 20, 2008, 1:29 p.m.
[Editor’s note: Since the Cowboys are getting plenty of press, we’re going to focus this set of One-Liners on the team that everyone is forgetting. You know, the team that won the game.]

The Rams won only their second home game since December 24, 2006.

Rams coach Jim Haslett, who had led the team to two wins in his first two games, had this to say when someone described the team as 2-0: “We’re 2-4. I’d rather be 4-4. But if you think 2-4 is good, then you can write that.”

RB Steven Jackson suffered a thigh injury, and his availability for Sunday’s game against the Patriots is uncertain.

Jackson finished with 160 yards and three touchdowns.

The Rams won without LT Orlando Pace, who missed his first game of the season with a slight quad muscle tear.

Rams WR Derek Stanley was hospitalized after taking, as Jim Haslett described it, “a wicked helmet-to-helmet hit.”

Said DT Clifton Ryan after the game: “Look at this atmosphere. It’s a whole different attitude around here, a whole different swagger. We’re more motivated, we’re more positive with each other. We’re here to win now.”

Among other things, Jim Haslett has removed the stats sheets from the defensive room at team headquarters; “We’re not even worried about the statistics anymore,” Ryan said. “All we care about are wins and losses.”

That’s a good thing, since the Cowboys outgained the Rams, 341 to 325.

DE Adam Carriker sprained an ankle in the second quarter and didn’t return.

On Sunday, coach Jim Haslett gave the team an impromptu pregame speech, complete with three-legged furniture and four-letter words.

Says defensive coordinator Rick Venturi of Haslett’s approach: “Jim is so natural as a head coach. He doesn’t have to find himself in this job. He knows what he’s doing. The Saints franchise was really down when he took over as coach, and he won right away. So does this surprise me? Absolutely not, because he brings an immediate presence to your team. And the players have bought in to what he’s telling them.”
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