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    Phase One Complete

    It's pretty clear that GM Billy Devaney and coach Steve Spagnolo had a really good plan in place for the first hectic phase of free agency, one that had to include keeping their own top young free agents.

    They mad sure they tagged O.J. Atogwe, to put him on hold to save time so they could both make sure to do everything to get Ron Bartell signed, while also being on top of their own top two free agent targets, emerging players who fit the profile the Rams are looking to add.

    It took awhile for the second of those two targets, safety James Butler, to agree to terms, but they also were able to find a perfect fullback type to sign, after the Saints cut Mike Karney loose.

    Then out of cap space, they made the expected cuts of Orlando Pace and Torry Holt to clear enough money to make what ever additions fit their needs.

    The big names are all gone, so there is no one who would command anything near the money the Rams have to spend now, so the Rams will sit back and wait, and see what players get cut loose between now and draft day.

    They can wait and see what trades might be offered as draft day appoaches, even wait till training camp cuts start to add some bottom level help.

    Free agency has plugged three holes, at strong safety, at center and at fullback, all with guys who should be here a few years.

    They created three new holes, at wide receiver, blocking tight end and offensive tackle, and have done nothing to add the needed middle linebacker, backup running back, backup quarterback, and run stuffing defensive tackle yet.

    Normally, some aging defensive tackles that can play that role hit the market at some point, though probably not a long term solution. Same for running backs who can be effective backups.

    I'm not giving up on Brian Leonard either, if he is allowed to lose all that extra weight and play halfback. He may be the type guy Spags knows how to use in a west coast type set.

    Hard to say who the backup QB might be, and they may wait till after the draft to see who gets cut loose when a team drafts a passer.

    I could see a linebacker maybe being added before the draft, if the price is right, maybe a veteran CB.

    Certainly a pass rusher would be something the Rams woiuld go after.

    On draft day, I think they will take a tackle first, barring a trade down.

    In round two, I can see them going receiver again, as some quality guys look to be there, or they could even deal up into round one a few picks to get the right guy with height and speed and hands and smarts.

    In round three, I'm looking linebacker, defenisve line, maybe tight end if a guy falls that has real talent.

    From round four on, I look for linebackers, defensive line, maybe a safety or even a QB.

    Barry Waller

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    Re: Phase One Complete

    I have pretty much stayed out of the "guess what the Rams will do next" debate so far this year. I don't believe the front office is blowing up the team, and so far they have made very shrewd moves that demonstrates a clear vision of where they are taking this team into the future. I like it. Now we sit back, see where we go with the draft and possible free agency signing once camp begins.

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    Re: Phase One Complete

    So Far I have been Rather Pleased with all of the Moves that we have made. Releasing Holt and Pace is a sign that we are moving in the right direction. It was painful but it had to be done.

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    Re: Phase One Complete

    I agree with the caveat that i will reserve judgment on the release of pace until i see what we do with the extra money that we saved.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Re: Phase One Complete

    One thing I don't agree with is the premise that they created holes at OT and WR. I think those wholes existed WITH Pace and Holt there. They were just more expensive holes than they are now.

    The backup QB they appear to want is Gus Frerotte. He's familiar with the system having played fairly successfully in it last season in Minnesota and he's a veteran who should be able to step in and keep the ship afloat while they attempt to develop and build something for the future should Bulger falter. Hopefully they will draft a young QB to develop as well.

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