Mort on ESPN reported last night that either today or tomorrow both Coach Romeo Crennel and GM Phil Savage will be fired from the Browns and the Browns have since confirmed that at least Savage will be fired. I would assume the rest of the coaching staff will be looking for jobs as well. My question to the Clan, is there anyone on the Browns that is worth grabbing, specifically Phil Savage?

Savage is known for being a good GM, especially on Draft Day, in both Baltimore and in Cleveland. Further, I don't think you could cite a lack of talent that caused the Browns' collapse this year. Can you blame Savage for trading away maybe their best corner? Yes, of course, but at the same time, he brought in a very successful experiment with Shaun Rodgers in that same trade, so I;d say that's a wash. Can Savage be blamed for the lack of a TD the for the last month and a half of the season? Not in the least. Savage loaded the team up with offensive talent, from the Quinn trade last year, to bringing Jamal Lewis in, to assembling a talented offensive line and receiving corps with Edwards, Winslow and Stallworth. Personally, I hold him in high regard and I would jump at the chance to grab Savage, a true football guy, and good talent evaluator. Now is our chance, I say let's bring him in to help Devaney.

Crennel won a Super Bowl against us in New England as the coordinator that shut us down, but considering his struggles in Cleveland with defense, and New England's continued success, I think that Darth Hoodie was really behind the defense that beat us. I'd pass on him as anything but a position coach.

I haven't paid attention to the rest of the staff there, so anyone else have anything?