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    Re: Pickett leaves/Hawks after Curtis?

    Well, since the Seahawks have worked out a deal with the Jets, I would say that gives them the edge over the Falcons who only have a deal with the player, not the team. What good is it if the Falcons have a deal that Abraham likes if they don't have anything the Jets want in trade. They're not going to give their #15 pick, it apprears, so I think Abraham needs to start talking to the Seahawks about what deal they would give him.

    Which, by the way.. WTF is up with Seattle signing all these players????? Forget the Redskins, Seattle is the one signing guys left and right. They just signed another DT? and they kept their own DT (can't remember his name) that was being sought after? Don't we need a DT now that Pickett is gone? Well, Seattle's got like 10 of them. We've got 2.

    Bottom line for me is that I will sleep alot better if the Jets work this deal with Abraham to the Seahawks for their #1 pick, so has a really low 1st round pick, I'd trade it for this that I don't have to sweat Curtis being gone. Of course then we'll probably here that the Jets will go after Curtis with that same sorry pick at #31. Seriously, teams with low 1st round picks should really go after the guys that are tendered at the 1st round level. It's worth the trade in most cases.

    Again, why did we only give him a 1 year deal?

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    Re: Pickett leaves/Hawks after Curtis?

    Abraham doesnt want to go to the seahawks. he lives in south carolina. he can block a trade if he wants. the team that has a deal with the player is in a lot better shape in a case like this. the falcons may not be offering enough, but the jets dont ultimately have a choice, they have to take the best they can get before the draft, otherwise they will have nothing since he wont play for them again.

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