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  • San Fran

    13 34.21%
  • Cardinals

    14 36.84%
  • Seahawks

    10 26.32%
  • Colts

    10 26.32%
  • Texans

    2 5.26%
  • Vikings

    5 13.16%
  • Packers

    6 15.79%
  • Saints

    9 23.68%
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Thread: Picking a Game

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    Picking a Game

    I am looking at our 2009 opponents (home games only), and trying to pick out 1-2 games this season that I will be able to make. (I live in Columbus, Ohio, have a 15 month old child, and work 50+ hours a week).

    Trying to break down the teams we play, in no particular order, here they are;

    Arizona Cardinals, San Francisco *****, Seattle Seahawks, Green Bay Packers, Minnesota Vikings, New Orleans Saints, Houston Texans, Indianapolis Colts.

    I am trying to figure out which 1-2 games I should really make an attempt to make it to St. Louis for this season, and was wondering what opinions you all had as for games you look forward to and why I should go to THAT game over another.

    I will be going to the Detroit and Chicago away games, as they are within so many miles from home this year. Last year I made all of the Away NFC East games, and loved the Washington game.

    Let me know what you think, and maybe I will see you there.

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    Ramer Guest

    Re: Picking a Game

    I plan to go to the Washington game this year. I had tickets to last year's game and wasn't able to go.

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    Ramer Guest

    Re: Picking a Game

    If I had to choose 2 home games to attend, I would love to see them play & beat Arizona & Indy.

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    Re: Picking a Game

    i chose the niners and seahawks. division rivals and the 2 teams that i cant see us beat enough!!

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    Re: Picking a Game

    1st guess for me was Cardinals. Should be an interesting division game (more than 08). GO RAMS!

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    Re: Picking a Game

    If i was picking a couple Rams games to attend, 2 main criteria would affect my decision.

    First, as someone who lives outside their area, Rams won't be on tv where i live unless they play some "big" team or one from my area. So, unless you have sunday ticket or you pay Sunday rent at a 16 tv screen sports bar with all the games, you may want to choose games that you KNOW will not be aired in your area.

    Second, I would really try to find out when the Clanram bash is this year! That way you could coincide your trip with a lot of other Clan members and really make it a memorable trip.

    unfortunately, i don't know what teams are normally aired in your area or when the bash is this year, so my poll vote will have to be based on "other."

    I'd pick the 'Aints (just cuz it sounds fun to see the Rams D take on Drew Brees and Bush) and the ******* to see Isaac Bruce in action and watch a division game.

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    Re: Picking a Game

    I picked the Vikings, to think you get to see SJ and AD going head to head now that is a game worth watching. Hopefully both guys will be healthy for that game.

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    Re: Picking a Game

    I picked the Cardinals and *****, the Cards just went to the Super Bowl so they are a great gauge to see where we are as a team and you get to see Warner again, and the Niners to see Bruce and to watch a great rivalry.

    But I tell you what, it will break your heart seeing Bruce in a Niner uniform in person. It's hard to explain but watching him on the wrong sidelines just makes you sick. Oddly I didn't feel this when I saw Warner in red three years ago- who I did like more than Bruce. It's just something about that ugly gold and maroon and, while Bruce was always a distant guy, it just looks like he doesn't want to be there.

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    Re: Picking a Game

    I fly to Seattle every year for the game, and cards is a road trip.

    "Corona CA."

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    Re: Picking a Game

    I would pick the Colts if I had to choose one game. It would be exciting to see that offense in person, plus you'll get to see Gonzo again!

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    #39 Fan Guest

    Re: Picking a Game

    Cards and Pack got my vote. One divisional foe, one nice conference matchup vs the Pack

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    #39 Fan Guest

    Re: Picking a Game

    The only games I'm usually ever able to make it to are our road contests in CA and AZ. Would be nice to make a home game with a home crowd!

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    Re: Picking a Game

    Warner aside, (Prepare for my StL baggage) I really don't want to see the Bidwells back in StL. And as bad as I'd like to see a game in AZ, I really don't want to see the Bidwells in it. So, I vote Sea Hags.

    Post Script
    I do relish beating the Cowgirls (Americas Team and all that).
    Look away. I'm hideous. __ Cozmo Kramer

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    GreatestShowOnTurf99 Guest

    Re: Picking a Game

    I said Saints mostly because after Bartell signed with us over the Saints all the Saints fans were talking s*** and saying their offense is going to burn Bartell so bad

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    Mooselini Guest

    Re: Picking a Game

    Whiners dude. You probably will leave the stadium happy if you leave. haha

    Colts would probably smoke us as they are one of the top teams every year.

    You have to make the trip. Trust me, I was going to go watch the Cards vs Rams in AZ last season, but watching them get blown out so many games, I just saved my money.

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