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    Re: Pittman likes group in Rams backfield ...

    Quote Originally Posted by Rambos View Post
    I think you missed my point, BL is a stud far from a bust! I would just like too see him being used over a 4th round pick.

    Its kinda like the Madison Hedgcock debate, why did we trade him.

    I think BL is a better RB and all around football player then Pittman period. But if you are not going to use him and when you do its just to block why draft him in the second round.
    Why does it matter what round Pittman was drafted in when comparing him to BL? Pittman is a change of pace to what Jackson is, BL isn't. Who cares which guy is on the field as long as that guy is playing well.

    The only reason we got to pick up Pittman was because the Saints wanted to keep Pierre Thomas instead, it was a lucky break.

    We didn't trade Hedgecock, we released him. Hedge wasn't that impressive for us imo. They even tried to replace him last year with Paul Smith but he got hurt. The writing was on the wall for Hedge. I don't mind that we released Hedge, the only thing I do mind is that we didn't have another FB ready right away to come in and replace him. I have no idea what Owens is doing.

    I think it's too early to judge who is a better football player right now. We haven't seen much of Pittman and only a little of BL. Time will tell.

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    Re: Pittman likes group in Rams backfield ...

    I think ths is a real pety argument. BL has proved to be an very effective player no matter where we have put him. That's a lot more that I can say for some of our previous high draft picks, Klop and Byrd. Pittman was a steal of a pick up, but we just got lucky to grab him for nothing. So stop whinning.

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    Re: Pittman likes group in Rams backfield ...

    Quote Originally Posted by Rambos View Post
    I agree, but he is not playing HB, not catching passe these sdays. Just blocking Why?
    Why ..? Because he can. No one will be catching any passes if Marc is on his back all day long. Same goes for McMichael .. when we finally get our patchwork O-line healed up and get some decent blocking I'm sure Brian and Randy will have more opportunities.

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