Granted, this was against arizona, a team with significant pass rush and run stopping issues, which was playing without arguably their best defensive tackle. However, i join those impressed with the play of the line, particularly with regard to their teamwork, which will improve as they play more together.

Even though it was the cards, this is the best run blocking i have seen from the squad in a while. Both faulk and jackson were getting through the line without getting hit, enabling them to run over/around tacklers over and over. I really do think that faulk can move in two different directions at the same time.

Dishman looked great to me. I continue to believe that he will be a big improvement over mccollom at guard. Mcollom was fine and grant williams played well also. I have commented on Pace in a separate post. He is as dominant a guy at his position as anyone in the league. Timmerman was fine as well.

We will see how the line does next weekend in atlanta, its a road game so maybe noise will be an issue, but i will be sitting in row 1 behind the rams bench so i will do my best to drown out the falcons fans and will of course be adding encouragement on every play to the squad.

ramming speed to all

general counsel