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    Player Q & A
    Player Q & A
    Wednesday, October 6, 2004

    QB Marc Bulger

    (On Seattle’s defense)
    “They’re real good, they all know their responsibilities. Their linebackers hit the line pretty good and they are aggressive. Their corners are real good, and can play a lot of man and match up one-on-one. Their defensive line is really good, we all know what Grant (Wistrom) can do from his time here. All around, they don’t have any weaknesses.”

    (On Seattle DE Grant Wistrom going against T Orlando Pace)
    “Hopefully we won’t notice it. Hopefully Orlando can just do what he has been doing and neutralize him. Grant’s a good player, and I’m sure he’s going to make a few tackles. But hopefully “Big-O” can take care of him this week.”

    (On his statistics)
    “I think the offense is just playing good as a whole right now. We have to score more points, but the numbers don’t mean anything if we aren’t winning games.”

    (On the offense not scoring in the second half against the *****)
    “We only had four possessions or so in the second half. We wanted to come out and finish strong. But when you are on the road, and have that big of a lead, you don’t want to be overly aggressive and give them a way to get back in the game. It got to the point where we didn’t have to be as aggressive.”

    (On the offensive line)
    “They were doing well in the preseason. The first week or two, was a little awkward, I think, working together. But Scotty Tercero, who has been around for a couple of years now, he has worked with (the starters), and the way (Chris) Dishman played, these guys aren’t first or second year guys. These guys have played in the league for some time, and it was just a matter of them working together, then we knew they would be ok.”

    (On the Rams’ running game)
    “We had six or seven runs over 10 yards, that gets those linebackers aggressive and it opens up the play action. I think it was evident, watching Isaac (Bruce) get behind the linebackers in that big zone, that’s pretty much what you are trying to get, and it worked last week.”

    (On getting a win against the Seahawks)
    “I’m 0-1 (at Seattle). It would be nice to win there. It would be nice to win anyway. But like I said, they are supposed to win the division, they are undefeated, they have a good offense and good defense, so it will be a good test.”

    DE Tyoka Jackson

    (On playing against former teammate Grant Wistrom)
    “I’m looking forward to seeing him. He is a great guy, and we have a lot of respect for him, so it will be fun seeing him. It will be a little weird seeing him in a different uniform, but I’m looking forward to it. I’m also looking forward to him going against Orlando (Pace) for four quarters, that should be fun to watch too.”

    (On if the defense is still trying to fill Wistrom’s void)
    “No, not at all. You have to remember that he was on this team last year, and we gave up 200-some odd yards in a playoff game that we lost and he was here. Don’t get me wrong, he is a great player, great in the locker room, great on the practice field, the whole nine (yards). But one guy, generally, isn’t going to take a whole defense down. Now if it is #91 (Leonard Little), if you take him from us, then we have some problems.”

    (On playing Seattle)
    “This one is going to say a lot about who is going to control the division. The season isn’t over after this game, but this is the most important game because it’s the next one, because it’s a division (game), because it’s Seattle and they’re sitting on top of the league right now. So this is a huge game, it’s a road game, and we should be nice and jacked up for this one.”

    (On Seattle’s offense)
    “They have great balance. They run it and throw it very well. (QB Matt) Hasselbeck has a good command of their offense. The offensive line is the best we’ve played against so far. They have a very good runner, who can bounce the ball outside and make big plays and break tackles. They have wide receivers that are explosive. They have two good tight ends, and they run a lot of two tight end sets. So, again, they have all the weapons that they need. Their quarterback is the key to the whole deal, because he is very efficient at what he does. We want to be ready in all phases of our game to beat these guys.”

    WR Shaun McDonald

    (On the offense’s play in the first half against San Francisco)
    “We were moving the ball pretty good. I think we scored on every possession we had, and that’s what we are trying to move into. It’s good to see that we are progressing and getting better.”

    (On his first career touchdown)
    “I was excited because I wasn’t expecting to go out there. Torry (Holt) went out for one play, and I got in there. Coach (Martz) called a play that I could score on, so I tried to run a good route. I ran a pretty good route, got open, and scored a touchdown. It was a great feeling, especially since we ended up winning the game.”

    T Orlando Pace

    (On playing against former teammate Grant Wistrom)
    “It’s going to be a nice battle. Grant knows me well, and I know him well just from going against him for the past six years or so. So it should be a good match-up on Sunday. Grant’s one of those high energy, high motor guys. I know that going in and I’ll try to stay with him all game. He’s hard-nosed. I understand that about him and I just have to ready.”

    (On teammate Scott Tercero)
    “He’s played great. I think he broke a bone in his arm (against San Francisco), that just goes to show how tough he is. He stayed in the game and continued to play. Out (on the field) he is a warrior and he played well for us

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    Re: Player Q & A

    I watched a game where McDonald torched Trufant in college. Just made him look silly.

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    Re: Player Q & A

    Quote Originally Posted by txramsfan
    I watched a game where McDonald torched Trufant in college. Just made him look silly.
    Hopefully we can all see it again a few times this Sunday. :king:
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