DT Ryan Pickett

(On if Seattle being picked as the team to beat bothers them)
“No, it doesn’t bother us. Actually, we kind of like the position we’re in, the underdogs. We don’t mind that position.”

(On playing up in Seattle)
“I love playing up in Seattle, it’s a nice field. Every time I’ve played there I’ve had a pretty decent game, so I’m looking forward to playing up there. The crowd is a little crazy, but not like the St. Louis crowd. Nobody’s like that.”

(On Seahawks’ QB Matt Hasselbeck)
“He’s pretty strong and moves well. He doesn’t run for a lot of yards, but he avoids a lot of sacks. He’s a real great athlete. In tape, we have a whole segment of plays that people look like they had him, and they didn’t. It happens every week.”

S Rich Coady

(On if playing strong safety is a big adjustment for him)
“No, it’s really not. I’ve been doing it so much throughout camp. Pretty much the past couple of years, it’s been my role to know both of the safeties. So it’s not much difference.”

(On trying to put on weight this year)
“No, not really. I didn’t make a conscious effort to, I put on a little bit. I usually play anywhere from 215 to 210.”

(On the helping out in the run support against Seattle)
“Oh yeah, they’re playing as good as anybody. When you watch them on film, they really play mistake free football. They don’t turn the ball over, they don’t have assignment gaps, they’re not giving up free sacks, and they’re not running the wrong routes. They’re playing as sound as anyone is out there right now. That’s what makes them so tough to beat, they don’t make mistakes, they don’t kill themselves. They’re running the ball extremely well obviously, Shaun Alexander is a Pro Bowl running back. They’re good, and it’s going to be a real test for us to go up there and play mistake-free as well.”

(On Seahawks’ RB Shaun Alexander)
“When defenses start making mistakes, he’s going to take advantage of it. I think he’s done that, and I think that’s why they’ve been so successful. They’re playing as a team, they’re playing really well. That’s why they’re 3-0, you don’t 3-0 in this league unless you’re doing something right, and they’re doing everything right.”

(On Seattle’s wide receivers)
“Their receiving corps, is basically just like their whole team. They run good routes, and they’re in the right positions. Hasselbeck is running the West Coast offense as good as I’ve seen since I’ve been in the NFL. He knows where his receivers are, he’s one of the few quarterbacks that will go through all three of his checks in one play. He knows where the defense is at, and that makes him effective and makes the receivers effective. They know where to find the soft spot in the zone, and they’re good against man. Like I said, they’re as good offensively as we’ve played all year.”

(On if Seattle’s throwing to the tight end much)
“They’ve been throwing to everybody really. They throw to the two lead receivers, but they really spread it out. They’re throwing it to the back, I think Shaun (Alexander) has six catches, and they’re throwing it to the tight end, and they have two really good tight ends. He’s spreading it around, and when the West Coast offense is really going well, everybody gets the ball.”

(On how he feels about everybody saying Seattle was the team to beat in the West)
“They went out and got some big free agents this offseason, in particular Grant (Wistrom). Obviously they were going to be the talk in the offseason. We kind of stayed put with the team we had. You’ve got to play the game, so we’ll go up there and play the game and then we have to come here one time, so I’m sure it will sort itself out by the end of the year.”