Wednesday, September 1, 2004

QB Marc Bulger

(On the final preseason game)
You dont want to say you want to get it over with. I just think we are more anxious to get the regular season started and start making the games count. Its just a lot more incentive for the practice, and I think were ready to go.

(On injuries during preseason games)
I think before and after (the games) you think about (injuries) a lot. But during the game you cant think about that. Its something that weighs on your mind, but hopefully well come out of it injury-free.

(On if he feels like he needs to get a lot of work against the Raiders)
Its always the coachs call. If he thinks I need more work, Ill do it. But typically the starters dont play too much.

(On if he is close to where he wants to be heading into the regular season)
I think we all are. If we needed to play a regular season game this week, we could. You try not to have a different mindset for a preseason game, but there is more of a sense of urgency in the regular season.

(On what part of his game he wants to improve on)
Everything. Im always trying to get better, although it might not look like it all the time. I have a lot to learn. Ill make mistakes throughout the year. I have to keep getting better, and if I can cut down on my mistakes and keep moving forward, Ill be fine.

(On if the offense is where it needs to be)
We have a little ways to go. Last week was a good example of what we can do when we are running on all cylinders. If we can avoid the peaks and valleys, and keep moving forward well get to that point. We are not there yet, but we are working on getting there.

(On getting momentum going into the regular season)
Last week was definitely a different feeling coming to practice (after a win). You just have that momentum. A win would be nice (vs. Oakland), but its not the end of the world if we dont. For the younger guys, and even for us older guys, its nice to have that feeling going into the regular season.

(On if the offense can be better than last year)
Sure, its just another year. Steven (Jackson) hasnt had a lot of experience in this offense, but with Shaun (McDonald) and Kevin (Curtis) having another year (of experience), and even with Dane (Looker) and Mike (Furrey), theyve been in (the offense) only one or two years. That experience helps in a complex offense like this, and with this line getting to work together every week is helping too.

(On T Orlando Pace)
Weve pretty much taken the wait and see approach. Its Orlandos business. I know hell be here next week, and we fully expect him to be Orlando. We dont have to worry about him too much. I think hell be in good shape, and as long as hes here next Monday well be fine. Hes worked with this offense for six years or so, and he did it last year. I know he came in a week earlier, but hes a professional, so I assume he is in great shape. Fortunately, hes not a first round holdout, where he has to be way behind. Maybe it will take a couple of days, but hes one of those freaks of nature that can step right in and not miss a beat.

LB Brandon Chillar

(On being mentally comfortable)
I just prepare mentally and study my playbook. I take that real serious. That was the advice I got from the older guys, to get into the playbook. Thats the quickest way to get off the field, making mental errors.

(On learning from fellow LBs Robert Thomas and Pisa Tinoisamoa)
They know exactly what Im going through. They have helped me a lot. They are good guys to have on your team.

(On the toughest adjustment he has had to make since entering the NFL)
I think just the adjustment as a whole. As a person, moving out to a new place, meeting all new people, new coaches, a new system, everything is tough. You just have to take it in stride and go with it.

(On his play so far)
I havent been doing perfect at all. I still make a lot of mistakes, but I try to learn from them and thats the only way I know how to be. I just want to learn from my mistakes and get better. I just try to do the best I can, and whatever happens, happens.

RB Lamar Gordon

(On playing tomorrow)
Im going. Im making the trip. Im suiting up, and making pregame, so whatever happens, happens.

(On if the ankle feels good enough to play on)
It feels good enough to play. The thing that Im worried about most is that Ive only practiced two days in three weeks, so I dont want to be rusty out there and look bad. But pain-wise, I can play.

(On being surprised that he can play so quickly after surgery)
I was surprised from what the doctors told me, but the second day after surgery it was feeling good already. I knew I was on my way pretty quick. Theres really no soreness, just a little soreness around the scar.

(On how he views the competition in the backfield)
Im just getting focused, before I was just trying to get healthy and worrying about me. Now Im healthy, so I just want to get in there and play. The best person is going to play, and Ill do whatever I can for the team.

(On taking precaution and sitting out till the regular season)
You can do that, but you dont want to go into the regular season not having any plays in the preseason, and that be your first action in a real game. I see both ways of it, well just see how it goes tomorrow.