Player Quotes
Saturday, October 16, 2004

WR Isaac Bruce

(On Tampa Bay winning the last few Monday night games with the Rams)
“It’s been good games. They’ve done some good things, we’ve done some good things. It’s a new season, new year.”

(On Shaun McDonald)
“The only thing with him and Kevin (Curtis) is the opportunity to get opportunities and confidence, that’s the only thing. We always knew they could play, and they could run fast. Now it’s just the confidence building that’s growing in them. It’s showing on the field on Sundays.”

(On the young receivers helping him and Torry Holt out)
“It means a lot. It means a lot for this team, not just me and Torry. It gives another dimension in special teams, with McDonald running back punts, and that type stuff.”

(On Tampa Bay’s defense)
“They pretty much fly around like they use to. They have a couple of new coverages that they are tinkering with, as far as their defensive backfield is concerned. They’ve been a big cover two team for years, but we may see a little different.”

(On his good start)
“There’s nothing I can say about it. As a whole we’re playing well.”

LB Trev Faulk

(On his hamstring injury)
“It’s the right one that I injured this time. It happened in the second quarter, so I was in there playing with it. I’ll be ready to go on Monday, so we just have to take it day-to-day and see how it goes.”

(On looking forward to Monday night)
“Definitely. It’s another big game for us, in front of national television audience. We’ll hopefully be able to get back out there, and have some more success.”

(On developing chemistry on the kickoff coverage team)
“Yeah, that’s the thing about it. We have three, four, and five, pretty much all the guys are getting down there and really making things happen, so it’s making things helpful. It makes it tough on the opponent to really single out one guy for who they want to double team or avoid. Jeff (Wilkins) is doing a good job placing the kicks where he is placing them. We’re just getting down there and trying to cover them, and enjoying what we’re doing.”

(On getting double teamed)
“It’s fine. When that happens it just takes one guy away from someone else on the coverage unit. Just as long as we get down there and pin them down there pretty far, and give our defense some pretty good field position to work with. That’s pretty much all we’re trying to do, it doesn’t really matter who makes the plays.”

T Grant Williams

(On what he takes away from last Sundays game)
“I think the obvious thing you take away from it is you just can really never stop. That was considerably late, with a big deficit, and it turned out in our favor. At the same time, you don’t want to wait that long before you want to make those things happen. So you want to be a little more consistent early, and get out of the game early. First drive I would say is the most important drive of the game. But if it happens like it did last week, and it ends like that, that’s great too.”

WR Shaun McDonald

(On making the winning touchdown catch)
“That’s the feeling I like. It’s something you dream about as a kid, doing something to end the game like that in a victory. Especially in a big game like that, a division game, and just to come back like that. It was a great victory for the team.”

(On the Monday night game)
“Yeah definitely. We have to put the two wins on the West behind us. We’re looking forward to the Bucs and the Monday night game.”

(On Tampa Bay’s defense)
“They have some good guys over there. It’s going to be another fight. Every week is going to be a fight, this is the NFL. Any team is going to be able to beat you, so we have to just get ready for them this week.”

(On if he thinks people will be watching out for him more)
“I think you have to get that, so you can earn more playing time. That’s what I’m trying to do. You have to be able to go out there and make plays, so you can contribute.”