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    Player quotes Thursday edition

    DT John Parrella
    Wednesday, August 10, 2005

    (On his offseason move)
    “I talked to some teams, but I told my agent, ‘Hey let’s wait and see what develops.’ I met with the Rams and thought that this was a good team and a good chance for me to come and fit in. Right away, I had some one-year deals with some teams, but I thought after 13 years I would do it right. There is a good D-line coach who can push you, and I think at this age that is what you need.”

    (On Coach Bill Kollar)
    “Believe it or not, he [Bill Kollar] worked me out 13 years ago, my senior year in college. It is a small world. He was the one guy who worked me into the dirt.”

    (On coming in to a hot practice with full pads)
    “You got to go in and you got to do it. This isn’t game for the weak. This is a tough man’s sport, and this team is full of tough guys.”

    (On his offseason motivation)
    “I enjoy the game, but the thought of retirement is fun in a way because I would get time with the kids. I have four sons at home, and it would be a great time, as you get older, to retire for a year or two and then go get a real job. Every day, I work out. I don’t think I ever take a day off in any year. How do you motivate yourself? I enjoy the game and I have passion for it. I enjoy the competition. It is a fight every day, and that is something I have enjoyed for a long time.”

    Bruce Sommer
    Director of the Edward Jones Dome
    Wednesday, August 10, 2005

    (On the new playing surface)
    “I think fans are going to like it. It gives the building a good look.”

    (On what is under the grass)
    “Chewed up Nike tennis shoes and sand.”

    (On the future playing surface plans)
    “Well what we really want is a removal system. This can not be removed and then put back in. this will come out at the end of our season and the company we got it from will take it back and resell it, which is why we got a cut on the price. What we fully expect is to, next year, replace the system (that is removable). There is one out now that is being used by a franchise in Toronto. The Blue Jays play on a removal tray surface, but we do not feel it is good enough. That company is working on revisions. Once we have that (a better system), it will be permanent, and we will take it in and out all the time.”

    (On pieces settling)
    “Well, it depends on how much you use it. For example, at Rams Park they have had the same surface at their practice facility for two years, and it just now is starting to become compact. We will not let it get too packed. We will keep grooming it. We have machinery that keeps it loosened up.”

    WR Kevin Curtis
    Wednesday, August 10, 2005

    (On the new playing surface)
    “This surface is a lot more forgiving. It’s new. It felt weird today, trying to break it in as a new surface that we are not used to. I like this a little bit. The artificial turf, you can’t get any harder than that. That was a pretty fast surface, but I don’t think this is far behind that. I didn’t have any problems cutting on it. I felt a little slow a few times coming in and out of my breaks.”

    (On shoes used on this new surface)
    “Depending on the position you play, I know the big guys will be wearing those turf shoes. But we do so much sprinting and trying to cut that we use the same shoes we use on grass. It has the same kind of feel.”

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    Re: Player quotes Thursday edition

    Good info. Thanks man!


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