Looking at this list we are not the same team from a year ago...

We could have four new starters in the front seven on the D. A high draft choice in the rotation on the 3rd down.

On the offense three or four new starters G, WR's and TE.

Two quality backup RB.

Players that where starters last year will provide depth and mostly we will need to tap them at some point.

The return of WR we lost early on last year...

—DT Justin Bannan: Starter

—G Harvey Dahl: Starter

—WR Mike Sims-Walker: Starter

—LB Zac Diles: possible starter

—LB Ben Leber: possible starter

—LB Brady Poppinga: possible starter

—S Quintin Mikell: Starter

—CB Al Harris: In the rotation

—DT Dan Muir: In the rotation

—RB Jerious Norwood: In the rotation.. Posible KR

—RB Wiilams RB In the rotation


—DE Robert Quinn In the rotation

—TE Lance Kendricks Strarter

—WR Austin Pettis In the rotation

—WR Greg Salas In the rotation