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    Players and Coaches Quotes from Nov. 18

    Friday, November 18, 2005

    Interim Head Coach Joe Vitt

    (Opening statement)

    “We did good work today. We did the short yardage and the goal line and inserted our red zone package. We’ve really had a good week, so we’re anxious to play on Sunday.”

    (On if he was pleased with the red zone work)

    “Yeah, I really was. I think structurally we’re fine. We went back and did some studies last night of the 32 chances we had in the red zone, the 16 scores and 14 field goals that we had. Those 14 field goals were attributed by penalties, offsides, interceptions, tackles for losses. So, we’ve kind of identified that, and now we’ll go to work.”

    (On the best way to eliminate the negative plays in the red zone)

    “Better execution, we have to be accountable to stay onsides. We have to make sure we get a hat on a hat, proper footwork and hand placement.”

    (On CB Ron Bartell getting work with the first team)

    “As usual on Friday, we’ll go up now and discuss our personnel and make our decisions tonight.”

    (On how CB Ron Bartell performed in practice)

    “He did a good job. Again, with Ron Bartell, he’s playing against bigger wide receivers this week. He does a good job of locating the ball in the air. So, he’d be a prime candidate to get a lot of playing time this week.”

    (On G/T Blaine Saipaia)

    “He’s playing guard right now, and we feel comfortable with him there. I think that’s really what he is; he’s a bigger bodied guy with a good short area punch. He doesn’t have to move as much in space to move the tackles off the line of scrimmage.”

    (On if the team managed to keep focused this week)

    “I thought we have had a great week. I really have. It really hasn’t been that trying for me. It’s been more trying for you guys. It wasn’t trying for me at all.”

    (On if RB Marshall Faulk will be alright for Sunday)

    “Yeah, he’ll be fine. In fact, he took some reps today and got some work today. He feels good.”

    G/C Larry Turner

    (On how the week went for him)

    “I’m blowing off a lot of the rust. I felt good in some spots. It’s just getting my timing down and getting back into that zone where I was when I was playing here in preseason. I thought I was doing pretty well in preseason.”

    (On his expectations of himself)

    “I expect to be back doing it by next week. That’s just my expectation.”

    (On if he has known about everything that has gone on with the Rams)

    “I kept up with the guys, and I saw some stuff on TV. I followed it pretty thoroughly. I was really sad to see that [Head Coach Mike Martz] had to withdraw from working, because I know Coach Martz is really passionate about what he does. That’s how life goes sometimes, I guess.”

    G/T Blaine Saipaia

    (On playing several different positions throughout the season)

    “One week I’ll be at tight end. The next week I’ll be a guard, back to tackle, now a guard. I worked in a few D-tackle plays on the goal line. Don’t be surprised if one day I split out wide next to [WR] Torry [Holt] and run a couple streaks.”

    (On Gs Tom Nütten and Adam Timmerman)

    “When you battle as long as they have, there’s bound to be some speed bumps in the road. They’re still warriors no matter what happens. Adam is still a valuable part of this team. When he’s not on the field, he’s off the field helping the younger guys.”

    (On G Adam Timmerman’s consecutive games played streak)

    “That’s a lot of games, and you only have, what, 16 in one year? To try and go 186 straight, that’s a lot of games. We hit every play. It’s pretty physically demanding, and to be able to do it for almost 200 games straight, it’s a feat in itself.”

    QB Marc Bulger

    (On Coach Mike Martz’s appearance at practice today)

    “He’s popped in, last week I think. He’s probably popped in once a week or so just to say hi.”

    (On whether it was odd to see Coach Martz at a practice)

    “No. You don’t really get surprised around here too much anymore. It was good to see him.”

    (On how he thinks Coach Martz looked)

    “I saw him last week. If you don’t see someone for a couple months you notice a difference, but I have seen him so much. He looks healthy; he looks like he has a lot more energy than when he was here.”

    (On whether Coach Martz spoke to the team on Monday)

    “Yeah, Monday morning he talked to us, after the game when we came in.”

    (On whether Coach Martz was talking about plays or coaching any today)

    “No, he just pretty much [came] just to say hi to everyone. He can look at the play and know what the call is in his head, so he didn’t even need to ask.”

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    Re: Players and Coaches Quotes from Nov. 18

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