Players and Coaches Quotes from Oct. 6
Friday, October 7, 2005

Head Coach Mike Martz

(On if the preparation was good during the week)

“It was a good week of practice. The only thing that was different was when I came in early in the morning each day, Joe [Vitt] was at my desk with his feet on the desk clicking through the channels. That got a little old after a while, but other than that it was good.”

(On if all of his things were still in his office)

“The family pictures were still there, but the name on the door had been changed to Joe Vitt.”

(On if the three games from last year carry over)

“Well, it doesn’t. From season to season, game to game, nothing you have done the week before has any bearing on what you’re doing right now. That was a nice thing last year. It’s over. It’s long gone. We don’t even think about it or talk about it.”

(On when he decided that he was going to come to Friday’s practice)

“Oh, I knew I was going to come Wednesday morning. They just had some tests to do and that’s it. All of that has been dealt with. We just move on. It’s nothing but Seattle stuff now.”

(On if TE Blaine Saipaia is calling for the ball)

“Have you looked at his jersey? It looks like it has been typed on his chest for crying out loud. He looks like a marathon runner. He’s calling for the ball, they all do. All the offensive linemen want the ball. Big O [T Orlando Pace], we threw him the ball in practice last year. There’s no question, he can’t catch.”

(On how TEs Blaine Saipaia and Cameron Cleeland are adjusting)

“Cam has retained just about everything, it’s amazing. He’s done really well this week, and Blaine, he knows the offense so well that, just moving one position out, he understands the schemes and he has excellent hands. That’s one of the reasons we put him there. He can catch the football. I like the thought of moving him there. It’s panned out really well this week. I’m very pleased.”

(On his health)

“I’m fine. I’m not concerned, everything is under control. I appreciate everybody’s concern, I’m not trying to minimize this, I’m really not, but everything is fine. It will be fine. It just takes a while to treat and get over it. It’s so early now that there won’t be any issues from it. I’m very pleased about that, but now it’s time to focus on this team and winning the game. Really, I’m not trying to minimize it or anything like that, but it is what it is. You just deal with it and move on, and there is nothing more to be said, really.”

(On watching the practice film this week)

“I was very proud of the way they practiced. They didn’t skip a beat. I don’t know if there is good news or bad news in that. I was very pleased with the way they practiced, they did a nice job.”

(On the challenges Seattle presents to the Rams’ defense)

“Usually when you line up against a team you say ‘you have to take this thing away, you have to take that away,’ it’s very difficult against a team like this. [QB Matt] Hasselbeck is such a big quarterback, and mobile. He makes so many big plays on the move, impromptu, and then the timing of their passing game is excellent. They can do that and play the run, and that’s the dilemma that any team that plays them faces, and that’s the challenge for us.”

DE Leonard Little

(On Coach Mike Martz’s absence)

“Yeah, it’s a pretty serious issue. We knew he wasn’t going to be around for a couple days, but we still had to focus and go out and try to prepare for this next game.”

(On whether everything felt the same)

“Yeah, it had to be business as usual. You know we have to win this game. It’s a big game in our division so we really had to focus this week and do the right thing.”

(On having Coach Martz back today)

“It was nice to hear his voice out there. You know he wasn’t here the last two day, but like I said before, we still had to focus on what we had to do. So we still had to go out there and focus and try to win this next game.”

(On Little’s missing practice on Wednesday)

“It’s nothing. It’s precautionary. I took limited reps on Wednesday, but I did mostly everything yesterday and most everything today. It should be fine.”

(On whether the defense is over the loss last week)

“Not until we win another game. That was a hard game to lose and we lost by a lot of points, so we really will still have that bad taste in our mouth until we win that next game.”

DE Tyoka Jackson

(On Coach Martz’s return to practice)

“He looks better. He had a little twinkle in his eye. I don’t know what that was all about. He looks better, sounds better, so I think he’s ready to roll on Sunday. We need to go out there and make sure he didn’t fight to get out of the hospital for nothing.”

(On what he expects from the Seattle Seahawks’ offense)

“They are probably the best offense right now in the league. They run it and throw it equally well. They have a great athlete at quarterback, and they have a big-time running back. So when you look at it that way it should like we don’t have a chance, right? But the truth of the matter is we have beaten them the last three times we have played them. And the truth of the matter is their running back has had big day against us every time. If we want to win the game, we cannot let him go for 5.8 [yards per carry] like Tiki Barber did last week. That’s a recipe for disaster. We need to come in and stop the run and then not allow [Matt] Hassellbeck to be creative with the ball and make backyard plays for big plays. Because that is what he is great at. He gets his first read if you rush him. He finds a way to get away from guys; looks downfield and throws the ball. So, if we do that, we rush the quarterback, get him down, and play the good run defense, we have a real good shot at winning the game.”

(On whether the defense feels they need to prove themselves after last week)

“No question, but that’s the NFL, and if you think about it, that’s life. Last week, yesterday, last year, that means nothing. Everyday is a new opportunity to show what you really are. We don’t believe that was our real defense, but we can’t talk about it, we have to go out and show it.”