Wednesday, December 15, 2004

QB Chris Chandler

(On Head Coach Mike Martz saying that he should have play called a little bit differently)
“It has nothing to do with Mike (Martz play calling). It was just my bad day.”

(On Arizona’s defense)
“We just started looking at what they’re doing this morning, so I haven’t studied them a whole lot. They have some good guys up front, and they play really hard. They have been playing extremely hard, although their record is not what they want it to be. At home they’ve always played better.”

(On it being a must win game)
“Oh yeah. It seems like every week it’s like that. We have a big three weeks coming up.”

(On coming out on offense with big plays early)
“Especially on the road it is always important to try and get off early. With what happened last week, I think even more so. We’re going to try and come out real strong and real fast.”

WR Shaun McDonald

(On going back to Arizona)
“It’s fun to go back home and play in front of your family. Especially to go back to a stadium where I played a lot of games. It’s going to be a lot of fun.”

(On the lack of blocking on the punt returns)
“I think it falls on all 11 of us. Sometimes we’re there blocking good, and I’m not running right. I think it’s all 11, so we all have to get it right. I’m getting antsy to make a play. You want to get back there to make plays, that’s why they put you back there. I get frustrated because I want to make plays on the punt team.”

(On if he thinks about bad games after they’re over)
“Yeah, you think about it anytime you lose, especially if you’re a competitor. If you like playing the game you’re going to hurt from getting a loss. It stays with you for a little bit, but you have to try and get it out of your mind as fast as possible and think about next week.”

(On how much of an adjustment is it with a different quarterback)
“It’s different, but as wide outs we just have to do what we do and let him worry about what he has to do. We just have to get to the spots where we need to be, so we can be there for him and try and help him out some more.”

DE Anthony Hargrove

(On Arizona)
“We beat them the first time. We are going to come out and hopefully shut the run down and make them throw an air attack. We’re going to try and put pressure on their quarterback so he doesn’t throw it to the big receivers that they have. We are going to try and eliminate their big players.”

(On the Rams’ defense)
“We’ve came out these last two weeks and shown that we can play good defense. Like coach Martz said, we’re starting to really come together. We are starting to fit together, and get a feel for the way each other plays.”

RT Blaine Saipaia

(On if there is a change of preparation going in as a starter)
“Coaches always talk about preparing as a starter, whether you’re a starter or not, because you never know when your number is going to be called. As far as anything changing, there’s not too much. I really have to be on my toes. This week they have three different guys that do three different things fairly well. So I really have to be on point and understand who is in the game at what point, and certain things that they like to do and their tendencies.”

(On the veteran players on the offensive line accepting him)
“They’ve earned their stripes in this league. The neat thing about these guys is they are just so open and welcoming to the younger guys. They’re not afraid to take us under their wings and show us how things are done. That’s really great to have when you are coming in and starting, and you are kind of uneasy about certain things.”

RB Arlen Harris

(On how important this game is)
“The remainder of our games are very important. With this being a division game, it is a must win, and we’re going to take that approach.”

(On the cardinal defense)
“Their defense is obviously very good. We feel like we can throw the ball and run the ball on these guys. We just have to make sure we execute.”

(On if there was a little bit of rust in his first game starting this year)
“There was a little bit of rust. I was just trying to get used to the offensive line, everybody blocks a little bit different. As I got more carries, I felt more comfortable.”

(On if he thinks it will be difficult for QB Chris Chandler to get his confidence back)
“No I don’t think so. Chris is a veteran. Obviously you’re not going to have a great game every game, but he’s going to bounce back, I’m sure.”

C Andy McCollum

(On if this game is a must win game)
“Yeah, pretty much. There’s no other way for us to look at it. We only have three weeks left and just about everybody is still in it. We have to take it one game at a time, and go out there and take care of business against Arizona.”

(On Head Coach Mike Martz being disappointed in the offensive lines performance against Carolina)
“We just have to get better. The whole team has to get better. As a group, as an offensive line, we have to take it upon ourselves to come out this week and perform like we have in the past, like the first time we played these guys. Hopefully we can get the run game going and mix it up and throw the ball a little bit. Whatever he calls we have to be able to execute, and that’s what we’re looking to do this week.”

(On if there is anything different about working with a different quarterback)
“They’re all a little bit different with their timing and the way that they handle plays and what not. But It’s nothing that should effect how we get our job done.”

(On if he thinks QB Chris Chandler will bounce back this week)
“He’s been playing forever. We’ve all had bad games before, and you have to just come back the next week, and we’re completely confident that Chris can do that. Like I was saying before, It’s not just one guy, this whole offense we didn’t perform well enough last week. It was all of us, and we all have to take it upon ourselves to individually get better and then as a group it will happen that we will play better. We plan on playing a lot better this week.”