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    Playing the Broncos is a great way to start

    I think that a 1st game matchup with a top-rated team like the Broncos is a perfect way to start this season. I'd much rather the Rams get a tough team like the Broncos for a few reasons, rather than a push-over team like the Raiders. Some people would prefer to start with a couple of "patsies" while the Rams get there act together, and leave the tough games for later. Although I can see the logical thinking in that approach, I think this game can serve as a great springboard to the season.

    Playing a tough team out-of-the-gate should give us a fairly good idea on how we'll do this year. We get a good team, at home, with fresh legs and a new season full of hope ahead of us. The Rams want to establish a new "tougher" identity, and what better way than to beat a team picked by many experts to go all the way? If (and when) we beat them, we'll serve notice that the Rams are back, and the team's confidence will soar. If we lose a close game, we still send a message that we're a team that can contend with anyone, and confidence is still gained. If we lose the game badly, I don't think we'll fold the tent, but learn from our defeat. ..and possibly, the team will use the loss as added incentive throughout the year. Nobody likes to be embarrassed. But I don't see them losing it badly, I just don't.

    So, what do you think? Do you like this first matchup? ...or would you rather be playing the Raiders?

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    Re: Playing the Broncos is a great way to start

    I agree with you, this game could help us jump the gun on the season, if you know what I mean, if we win, its confidence galore, to beat a great team like the broncos would be HUGE! So should I wear my white faulk jersey or my gold holt jersey?
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    Re: Playing the Broncos is a great way to start

    I feel the same way, I would like to get the tough games out of the way early on, but that's not going to happen this year. (After the bye: @SD, KC, @SEA, @CAR, @CHI, WAS, and @MIN with only the Niners Cards and Raiders inbetween.) But I do agree with you, if we win the game versus Denver, it will give us confidence and something to build on for the season.


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