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    plus 10 turnover ratio

    our defense has came up with 13 turnovers in only 4 games. 8 picks and 5 fumbles. our defense all of last year only had 13 interceptions( not sure how many fumble recoveries)... hats off to haslett's defensive scheme for coming up with all these turnovers... i believe this defense is similiar to lovie smith's defnese of 2003 when we didnt have the best of statistic defensive numbers but we caused turnovers

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    Re: plus 10 turnover ratio

    Great post, b4l. Here's the rundown....

    2005: 37 giveaways (24 picks, 13 fumbles) ; 27 takeaways (13 picks, 14 fumbles) --- TO margin = -10

    2006: 3 giveaways (0 picks, 3 fumbles) ; 13 takeaways (8 picks, 5 fumbles) --- TO margin = +10 leads the league

    2006 projected: 12 ga's (0 picks, 12 fumbles) ; 52 ta's (32 picks, 20 fumbles) --- TO margin = +40 ...which has got to be close to the record.

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    Re: plus 10 turnover ratio

    i was a little skeptical about this so called protecting the ball plan we are using,i didnt think we would be able to score that many points without taking some chances and as all rams fans know,you take chances,turnovers may happen, well yesterday proved me wrong and i now am buying into the scott linehan protect the ball gameplan,as long as bulger continues to play smart,it should work fine and we will score many points.(i hope)

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    Re: plus 10 turnover ratio

    I would have to say that turnovers is the #1 reason we're 3-1, and not 0-4. Without them, we'd be in trouble. It led to damn near every point we got against Denver, it saved our arz in the Cardinal game, and yesterday, it's debatable if we would have won w/o them. ...and against the whiners? If my memory serves me correct, we traded fumbles for a turnover margin of 0 and lost the game. It's like anything though, you can't be totally dependent on them, 'cuz when you need them, you may not get them and you 'll have to fall back on something else. scoring 41 points, or holding the opposition to 10 points. We've been fortunate so far. Let's hope we can get it all working together next week to find out how good we really are. I see potential in each area, but not consistancy. We'll need that when the schedule gets tough.
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